Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good News for Michigan Gun Owners Regarding Silencers/Supressors

For those of you that didn't know Michigan has been a partially Class 3 friendly state.  In other words, some NFA (National Firearms Act) controlled items, have been legal for purchase (machine guns) while others have not. On Friday September 2, 2011 the long awaited clarification letter from Current Michigan State Attorney General Bill Schuette clarifies that silencers, suppressors are now approved items.

Being a Class 3 Dealer and anticipating this approval, we have in stock Sound Suppressors for various models.  Keep me in mind you would not be able to simply walk into our shop and purchase a suppressor. There are necessary application for transfer tax, registration and background checks to be completed prior to purchase.  Estimated lead time varies, however 8 - 10 weeks for approval is common.  

Top: HW100 with light weight aluminum mite model
Bottom: 1022 with .22cal Wraith Model 
Pistol has the old tried and true Maxim Model
Anyone interested in getting on the list, feel free to call Jim at 248-969-0377 or email us at:

As stated in the Detroit FreePress on Saturday September 2, 2011

"Michigan law permits gun owners to obtain and use noise suppressors or silencers as long as they first go through a federal permitting process, according to a formal opinion released today by Attorney General Bill Schuette.
The state law which generally forbids the sale or possession of firearm mufflers or silencers contains a specific exemption for those obtained with federal authorization, Schuette said.
Schuette's opinion is a victory for Michigan gun rights groups and shooting enthusiasts who said uncertainty about their legality made it virtually impossible to possess and use silencers here. According to advocates, silencers are useful under some circumstances for hunting, and at shooting ranges located within earshot of residential areas.
The attorney general's opinion parallels one issued four years ago regarding the possession of automatic weapons in Michigan. Then-Attorney General Mike Cox found that machine guns could be legally possessed by Michigan citizens who obtained authorization from the U.S. Department of Justice.
Applicants for the federal permits are required to undergo background checks, including criminal and mental health history, and obtain a certification from local law enforcement.
Joel Fulton, president of the Southside Sportsman Club, said in a statement that Schuette's opinion brings Michigan "into the mainstream." Thirty-eight states permit citizens to possess silencers, according to the National Rifle Association.
Fulton said use of the devices is just good manners.
"It is considered rude to your neighbors to make excessive noise that disrupts their peace and quiet," he said.
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