Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gladiator MKII FX's Latest and Greatest

The Newest FX Gladiator arrived here at the shop.  Unscoped the rifle weights 8lbs 7oz, measures 44", I'd call it a mid-sized air rifle.  The dual air tubes are calculated to give this air rifle 100+ shots on high power.   This particular rifle is shooting at 30 ft/lbs, 17 ft/lbs and a shy 10 ft/lbs with the new 18g JSB 5.53's.  
Now for some range time.
5 Shots 30 Yards
5 Shots 50 Yards Last Group of the day

Put my old trusty Leapers 3-9x50 that I have used to test so many rifles, on this Gladiator as well.  Trigger pull unadjusted was a little longer than I prefer, but they can be dialed in precisely.  As is common with these guns, they settle in after a few shots, as I did as well and by the 4th and 5th groups the gun was shooting sub dime size groups at 50 yards.  Actually Amazing accuracy for a sporter/hunter rifle.  Did a little plinking off hand and the rifle felt comfortable.  

Another very impressive feature of this Gladiator MKII is how quiet it is.  On low power it's almost laughable, sounds like someone popping the top on a can of Pepsi.  On high power not much louder than that either.  All in all I really like this rifle.  My wife and partner Nancy knows I have a birthday coming up, hint-hint...

Note all groups were shot single loading 18g JSB pellets. Didn't use a tray on this occasion, but if I ended up owning one, I would prefer a single shot tray.  Gladiator priced at $1,595.00 includes one magazine.
Total of 5 50 yard 5 shots groups

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