Friday, August 31, 2012

Steyrs AZ Tuned - In Stock No Waiting

Out of the box, Steyrs are great, very accurate rifles. I especially like the fact that Steyr offers a fifty meter, five shot test target with every rifle.  Those looking to take a great air rifle Steyr and customize it, may be familiar with AZ tuned services.  Allen Zasandy is know through out the airgun community as an excellent air rifle tuner and accessory provider.  

 Precision Airguns and Supplies is excited to offer AZ tuned Steyr air rifles as part of our inventory. Allen has free floated and bed the barrels, added a quick fill for convenience and added a custom made shroud for less noise and an even smoother shot cycle.  I also had him add a bolt pin which will set the pellet to the exact same dept in the barrel every time.   

Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 Hunter .22cal 30fpe  $2,495.00
External Power Adjuster  $49.00
Longer Bottle $20.00
AZ Tune  $720.00
Total: $3,284.00 SOLD
Steyr LG110 Hunter .22cal 30fpe Target
I took the time to scope and test fire each of these AZ Tuned Steyrs.  All three easily shot fifty yard, five shots groups that can be covered with a dime. Interesting note, while shooting the Higher Powered LG110 AZ tuned Steyr, I notice a small bug flying above the target, it was smaller than a common house fly.  Lets just call it a half-fly.  Trying not to let it distract me I stayed focus on shooting a tight group and was very pleased with the results.  While admiring the nice little group through the scope, the little half-fly actually landed on the edge of the group. I wasn't going to chance ruining this nice group, and thought "you are one lucky little bug".  Then to my amazement it flew a little to the left and landed on a clean target.  Great - I quickly loaded the rifle, steadied out on the bag, concentrate, squeeze and then POP, saw a little grey streak as the pellet arced up and then dropped into the hole where the fly once sat.  One Shot-One Kill, just the way Carlos Hathcock did it.
Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 Hunter .22cal 18fpe $2,495.00
External Power Adjuster  $49.00
Longer Bottle $20.00
AZ Tune  $720.00
Total: $3,284.00
Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 Hunter .22cal 18fpe Target 
So if any of you have a back yard "bug problem" or simply enjoy shooting and owning some of the finest air rifles made, perhaps a AZ tuned Steyr is your future.
Steyr AZ Tune LG110 FT .177 18fps $3,195.00
External Power Adjuster  $49.00
Longer Bottle $20.00
AZ Tune  $720.00
Total: $3,984.00 SOLD
Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 .177 18fps Target

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crosman PCP 1720T Pistol .177cal

The Crosman 1720T PCP Pistol is ideally suited for field target, plinking, target or small pest control. The grip is ambidextrous and the bolt can be switched from the right to the left, anyone can comfortably shoot it without compromise.

I scoped a pistol and shot a few groups at 50'.  The factory trigger was a little stiff, which caused me to pull a shot, but the 7.9 JSB's shot very good.  I really didn't give the Crosman Heavies a chance, since I only fired two shots.  Cleaning the barrel, lubing, and trying different pellets can only help to improve already good groups.
 Nice Pistol - Good Job Crosman

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jim's New Favorite Scope - Burris Timberline

 The majority of my personal air rifles have 3-9 scopes on them.  For general purpose shooting, plinking, hunting and even 50 yard target shooting at 1" Target Dots, the 3-9 proves to be a very versatile scope.

Recently, I have discovered the Burris Timberline  Rifle Scope 4.5-14x 32mm Adjustable Objective Ballistic Plex Reticle Matte.  This is my new favorite general purpose airgun scope.  It will paralax from 7 yards to infinity.  A 4.5 is still a low enough magnification to give a broad site picture for hunting, and the 14X gives a more precise view for longer range shooting.  My 50+ year old eyes really appreciate the extra magnification.

In comparison with my old favorite the Leupold 3-9 EFR,  it is similar size, only slightly more weight and allows for more magnification.  The Burris glass quality is very good.  You can actually range find with it quite effectively as it snaps in and out of paralax adjustment very sharply.

My biggest pet peeve with the current model of Leupolds 3-9 EFR is Leupold for what ever reason eliminated the rear ocular locking ring.  Why they would eliminate a minimal cost item from an upper end scope is beyond me.  Yes-the Burris does have the rear ocular lock ring.

Another nice feature on this scope is that it has multiple aim points on the reticle.  I would say the reticle in medium to fine in density which is again for target work, but offers enough mass for small game hunting.  With a price point of $275.00 it proves to be a Winner!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Steyr LG110 Groups

Tom Meyers put his recently acquired  Steyr LG110 through the paces
and was kind enough to send us some pictures with his results.

He shot groups at 55 yards off the bench using oiled CPH's and one group at 30 yards.  He state that the CPH's will be better than the JSBH's because they don't require a clean barrel to shoot well. Tom converted part of his archery range into an airgun range that is marked out to 75 yards.  

 Great Shooting Tom!