Friday, August 26, 2011

Reg'd Royale 400 Test

Had a free evening so I decided to scope and test one of the new Royale 400's with Regulator and 3 Stag Power Adjuster. Gun is totoally stock,  out of the box, not even a  trigger adjustment, which is crisp, but a little heavier than I like it.  Installed my basic 3-9x50 site in Leapers scope - Base Line Scope I know, for this quality of rifle but seems to get the job done.  Started shooting at 50 yards, winds were rapidly dieing down, began with lubed 16g JSB pellets, like everyone else these days I'm low on 18g  JSB's so I decided to conserve all I could for site in purposes.  Got away from the lubed 16g pellets and went directly  to 18g JSB non-lubed.  Shot two groups,  both were half the size of a dime @ 50 yards.  Again this is me with a single bag and a 9X scope. 

Went inside the shop to check the energy levels and consistency of the three powers.  I simply hold the gun and shoot it over the crony, approximately 20" from the front of the screen.  No height or distance rest points so there can be some variations based on hold.   

High Power - String for 10 Shots: -  JSB Weighting in at 18.2  Averaging 30.8 ft/lb

876.4, 877.7, 877.0, 870.6, 859.1, 869.1, 873.3, 873.0, 872.2, error reading, 862.9

Mid Power - 5 Shot String - JSB Weighting in at 18.2  Averaging 18.4 ft/lb
675.1, 670.9, 675.5, 675.6, 676.4

Low Power - 5 Shot String - JSB Weighting in at 18.2 Averaging 11.35 ft/lb
530.4, 528.9, 528.1, 531.7, 532.2 

Numbers on medium and even low power seem very consistent, and was I very curious how pellets would fly at these lower velocities, so back out to the range, clam conditions brought in the Michigan mosquitoes, fired one group medium and one group at low power.  33 yards single loading, firing fairly quickly to avoid the those little vampires. The sub 12 ft/lb group was a nice little one holer with one shot pulled.  I'm confidant I could have shot a better mid power group had I continued shooting.   Bottom line, the improved version of the Royale 400 offers the shooter more versatility for the various wants, needs and desires of today's Airgunner.  Lower Power should produce 300+ shots, High Power should produce 90+ full power shots.

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  1. Your results match very closely those of my reg'd FX400. A surprise for me was the RWS superdome 14.5g which is delivering good consistent velocities at 967ft/s with a max spread of 10 fps, and good groups at both med and high power.