Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grumpy Gets His Gun

We know him as Dave Goldstein, but those of you who follow the  airgun forums know him as "grumpy".  Dave came by the shop this week to pick up his  FX Royale 500. Synthetic with three stage power adjuster.

The FX Royale 500 is in .25cal and comes standard with a 500cc bottle.  The smooth twist barrel provides excellent accuracy.  Permanently bonded factory muzzle break makes for a very quiet shooter, especially considering this rifle puts out 44 ft/lbs of energy right out of the box.

Enjoy your new rifle.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Theoben MKII .25cal 50ft/lbs

Local airgun shooter Ted Vick comes by the shop today to pick up his new Theoben Rapid MKII in .25caliber.  Ted is an avid airgunner and hunter. He is looking forward to using his 50 ft/lb .25cal to keep the wood chuck and other varmint population in check.  

Ted's rifle features a Walnut Sporter Stock with Theoben's quick fill and gauge.  Permanently attached evolution mod, makes for a quiet shooting 50 ft/lb rifle.  The rifle is sporting an Leupold 6.5-20x40, held in place with Theobens 1" scope rings.  Ted zero'd on our indoor range using JSB Exact King Diabolo .25cal's.  When I asked him, how's it shooting? He replied, "This is too easy, it keeps going in the same hole".

That's what we like to hear, though no surprise by Ted's comment, after all it is a Theoben.