Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jim Attends/Survives 2015 Extreme Bench Rest in Arizona

This year I had the pleasure of attending my first Extreme Bench Rest Competition.  The ERB was hosted by Airguns of Arizona and held at at the Rio Salado Sportsman Club in Mesa, AZ on October 1st - 4th, 2015.

The first day brought temperatures of 105*+ and gusting winds.  Throw in the fact that the FT Event was set up in the desert with many plants and critters that can poke, bite or sting.  All these variables gave real definition to the word "extreme" to this Michigan born and bred guy.  At the morning Shooters Meeting, the educated locals drilled into us Hydrate - Hydrate - Hydrate, and they were right!  Bottled Water was readily available and it appeared everyone took their advice. 

Lucky me - our first FT lane was an off hand lane.  I was happy with knocking down three out of the four targets. Clearing the next couple of lanes, I felt like I was getting into the groove, but as blustery winds increased along with the rising temps, the course became a real challenge for me.  Shooting my Steyr LG110 and getting 30 out of 40 normally would not put a smile on my face, however, I was quite happy to find that this score put me in 3rd Place.

Jim Stanis 
Jim Stanis
The 25 Yard Meter event  was a very fast paced event.  All three cards were posted at the onset, with approx. 20 minutes per card and 3 minutes in between to clean your barrel, air up ect.  The  RAW BM500 .22 along with JSB 18G pellets were a good choice for me.  In my forty man squad, my score of 733 put me in 2nd place.  After the remaining two squads shot and the scores were all tallied, 
I placed 5th.

The 10 Meter Pistol Event was a nice change of pace.  Shot indoors, no wind and air conditioning on a 10 Meter Range. I had fun shooting my Hammerli AP40 and ended up in 6th Place. 

It is also worth mentioning that the Rio Salado Sportsman Club has a brand new airgun specific building.  The building is 25 meters in length and large enough to have eighteen lanes.  I suspect the building will be fully functional in the near future.  Kudos's to Rio Salado for making such a great addition and commitment to the Airgun Sport.

Day One - Card One for the 75 yard event: Temperatures dropped into the 90*'s as long as we were in the shade, it was actually quite comfortable. The high winds did persist.  Using a .30cal FX Boss, and JSB 44G pellets, it was common for me to hold 3" - 6" out from the center of the target. As I was shooting my first card, the wind shifted completely 180. Instead of holding 3" - 6" out from the left edge, 15 minutes later, it was necessary to hold 3" - 6" out from the right edge Wow! I shot a 226-4x on my first card, second highest in my forty man squad.  Only two shots behind long range master Ted Bier.   Shooting our second 75 yard card on the next day, winds were similar and even did the same 180* shift as I worked my way up my card. I managed another 226-6x.  Shooting in the Pro Class, the competitors needed to score in the Top 20 in order to proceed to the Final Event/Day of the Extreme Bench Rest Shoot.  My scores met these requirements.  On the final day, to make things even more extreme, the targets were moved out to 107 yards.  Wind was so extreme on the final day that it was actually blowing over the metal silhouettes that had been used for the Silhouette Speed Shoot.  
Range accommodated 40 shooter per heat
Three Heats - Total of 120 Shooter/Competitors
I not sure about the other competitors, but I did not have numbers for 107 yards, so I had to site in during the competition.  This was trickier than it sounds, as one had to be careful not to send a sighter up into the score area.  Considering wind was throwing projectiles 10" or more, it could have been easy to do.  I guess I'm a fast learner, lucky or a little of both, as I was able to keep all my shots except one inside of the score area or five ring in this case.  When one of my pellets went out side of the five ring, I assumed it would be a minus 10, but not wanting to loose the actual score of the target, I shot another pellet at the actual score area.  The way the rules apply, this was the incorrect approach.  I would have been better leaving the one out and not firing a 26th shot.  So  I received a minus 10.  Ouch that hurts.  Even with the minus 10, I still made the top ten shooters, ninth place to be exact.  Considering how green I was to this type of shooting, I was totally happy with my results.  My hat really goes off to the guys that consistently shoot at these yardages and conditions and can actually hit what they are aiming at.
107 Yards - Yes, it was a LONG WAY -
If you notice one missing, it's probably because it was blown away.
It did actually happen on one of the targets  
             Another perk while attending the ERB was the chance to handle the new FX Impact.  Fredrik Axelsson the owner of FX, gave us a demo of the quick and easy barrel change option.  Just one of the many feature the Impact offers.
         Jim Stanis checking out the FX Impact
Mark Maher - My Travel Buddy
Excited to be able to check out the Impact
Fredrik Axelsson, owner of FX Airguns
 I am so thankful that I was able to attend this years event.  Special Thanks to the entire Staff of Airguns of Arizona.  They worked diligently to keep us all hydrated, fed, entertained and organized.  Anyone who has ever organized similar events knows this is not an easy task.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daystate Pulsar

We have had Pulsars go in and out of the shop, however, this is the first time I've been able to spend some time with one. Awesome little rifle, excuse me, bullpup, mini air wolf, whatever designation you choose to give it, it is definitely one of the most sophisticated compact air rifles produced.  The customer of this rifle requested scope mounting and test firing.  It only required a few shots to zero it on the indoor range.

I then jumped outdoors to see how it would shoot at 50 yards. No flags were set up and I paid no attention to the angled head wind I was shooting into. Just shot two quick 5 shot groups off of a couple of sand bags.  I was more than satisfied with the results I'm sure a more patient shooter in a windless condition could easily improve on these groups.

I was shooting JSB 18.2G @915fps 

The standard factory shroud does a very good job of moderating the sound.  However this customer requested an optional Hugget System which is easily adaptable to the Pulsar.

 50 yards still a good poke for an airgun

I look forward to setting up a demo gun for the shop, which will allow me to experiment with the various power settings and dial in the built in laser.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Daystate Pulsar Oro and Wildcats

Precision Airguns was excited to receive Daystates new Limited Edition Pulsar Oro rifles this week at the shop.  Took a few quick pictures, before shipping out the limited supply of these special edition rifles. We are anxiously awaiting our next shipment which will offer the standard walnut and laminate stock versions.  

This is Daystates state of the art bullpup airgun which utilizes their advanced electronic technology.  With a high power setting which puts out 34 - 35 fpe.  Measuring 29.5" and weighing 8lbs 9oz.  Some unique features are the bubble level incorporated into the site rail as well as the red laser and picitinny accessory rail built into the lower forearm.

First shipment of FX Wildcats came and went. Awesome rifle from FX.  We would want you to miss out on our next shipment.  We are accepting pre order at this time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Rickey Broughton Loses His Battle with Cancer

Our Last Squirrel Hunt
September 2014
Today's post comes to you with sadness.  My Best Buddy Rickey Broughton lost his battle with Cancer on Saturday April 25, 2015, he was 52 years old.  

Many of you know him through our airgun community or seeing him posted here many times through out the years.  I was introduced to Rickey at a gun show some 30 years ago and we became instant friends. Over the years he became more like the brother I never had.

He was an avid hunter, shooter and knife collector.  We were of course like minded with our airgun passion. Many a weekend was spent out in the woods, attending an FT Event, plinking or simply talking airguns.  
Jim and Rick

Rick and Tim Englehardt at a WWCA Event
Jim Hutchison, Shawn Henn, Rick Broughton
Indoor Bench Rest Competition
Rick loved squirrel hunting

Rick and his wife Rose
  Words can not express how much he was loved
and how much he will be missed
by all that knew him and especially me

Rest In Peace Rickey

Visitation will be at
Wasik Funeral home
49150 Schoenherr Rd. (N. of 22 Mile Road)
Shelby Twp., MI
Tuesday April 28th 5-9 PM and Wednesday April 29 1-9 PM
Instate Thursday April 30th 10:00 AM for an 11:00 AM funeral service at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church 11071 E. 11 Mile Rd. (e. of Van Dyke), Warren, Michigan.

Perhaps you would like to leave a message to Rick's Family on the Wasik Funeral Home website:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FX Impact

The state of the art FX Impact is expected to arrive late June/July 2015.  Wanted to keep you informed with some of the information we have received at this time.  

The Impact will offer an external power adjustment and well as external regulator adjustment for precise power tuning.  

Easily removable barrel for quick caliber change. Exact caliber options are not known at this time, but I suspecting the usual popular calibers that have made the smooth twist barrel so successful. 

The rifle is a repeater and will use the standard FX style magazine, in .22 caliber the magazine will have an 11 shot version, 12 shot version which are currently available and most likely a new higher capacity version with approximately 14 shots.  

FX Impact has been rumored to have a price point as high as $2,500.00.  We are happy to inform that the the Impact will actually have a price tag of $1,899.00

We are anxiously awaiting this new innovative addition to the FX Lineup.

Friday, February 13, 2015

First Bench Rest of 2015

 Michigan's COLD February temperatures didn't stop the guys from attending Precision Airguns first indoor bench rest event of 2015 on February 12th.  Shooting indoors at 56 feet. The event brought varies guns to the range.  A good time was had by all. If your wondering or noticed the antique Benji that Dave L is holding, no that is not the gun he actually shot.
Mark show Dave his latest acquisition the MTC Viper Connect 

Jim Stanis - RAW BM

Jim Hutchison - RAW TM

Mark Maher - Steyr LG110 FT

Victor Valentino - Daystate Regal

Name First Card Second Card Third Card Total
Jim Stanis 250  16X 250  16X 250  10x 750  42x
Ryan Parks 250  12X 250  13X 250  15x 750  40x 
Dave Lovio 250  11X 250  10x 250  9x 750  30x
Jim Hutchison 250  9X 250  5X 250  10x 750  24x
Mark Maher 250  7X 250  11X 250  3x 750  21x
Rod Parks 249  7X 250  7x 248  2x 747  16x
Ray Hatfield 248  8X 248  2X 249  6x 745  16x
Dave Gray 247  3X 244  3X 247  1x 738  7x
Victor Valentino 246  4X 244  3x 246  4x 736  11x

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post Shot Show New Products, Information and Specials

Our week at the Shot Show was exciting.
 Here is some information and special pricing that may be of interest to you.
We have a few of the Cricket Carbine Rifles available.  Offered in .22cal, featuring the light weight skeleton stock, includes two magazines and fill probe.
 Sale Price: $1,289.00 Limited Supply.

Cricket Bullpups still available starting at $1,399.00 - $150.00 Savings

We are happy to offer a Super Savings on select FX Products
Super Savings to include Royale 500 - Royale 400 - FX Boss
While supplies last the special will include a FREE
  MTC Genesis LR 5-20x50 Scope

The   MTC Genesis LR 5-20x50 is a great scope that features a AMD Reticle, 2nd focal plane, 30mm tube, side wheel parallax, illuminated and many other nice features that are listed HERE. Scope retails for $449.00

We have some German Match Grade Barrels. Variety of lengths and calibers at Amazing Prices starting at $21.95 - Yes you read correctly, starting at $21.95 for a Lothar Walther Barrel.  Handy for anyone wanting to rebarrel a pistol, carbine rifle or what have you.  Full spec's and details found HERE.

On a side note, if you are purchasing any of these barrels in conjunction with any other products ie: air rifle, scope, pump, air bottle ect. you will receive
Free Shipping on the barrel/barrels you purchase.

Speaking of Air Bottles, we now have in stock Omega Carbon Fiber Air Bottles at a true 100 cubic foot.  Priced at $669.00  

A great complement to the Omega 75 Cubic Foot Carbon Fiber Bottle. Quck Connect Hose option available for both models for an additional $49.00

A reminder on the Daystate MK4 Special for $1,795.00

Details HERE

New Optics we will be offering in the near future will be
the Sightron.
And the 
 New MTC Connect

The MCT Connect scope features a extremely wide field of view, the trade off is a very short eye relief, so recommended for the low recoiling air rifles.  I have had many requests for this scope and can see why shooters request it.  In sampling, one of these scopes on a rifle, I found light contact with the rear ocular actually works best, adds an additional lock point, hence making you truly one with the gun.

We appreciate your interest in our Blog for the latest information

Another great scorce of airgun information, for those who are not familiar with it, is the GTA (
We proudly sponsor them for the open and unbiased forum they provide.
Check them out soon.

Other exciting news is there will be another new airgun forum popping up soon.
It will be moderated by Ted Bier. Some of you may already know him for his Ted Holdover Videos.  Those who are not familiar with Ted and his wealth of airgun knowledge may want to get familiar with him through his website and soon to be released forum.

Shoot Safe - Shoot for Fun - Shoot an Airgun

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second Day at the Shot Show

Hawke is now offering the new Airmax 30 SF scope.  They are equipped with a side focus parallax adjustment, with a range of 10 yards to infinity. This enables the shooter to be parallax free and in focus at all target distances. The Patented design allows for the addition of a larger wheel (100mm dia. wheel supplied) to be installed direct to the central axis.
This allows for easier, more accurate operation.
The Airmax 30 Side Focus offers a specialized optical setup for airgunners.
One truly exceptional feature of the Airmax 30 SF scopes is the AMX airgun fully floating Mil Dot reticle.  Built around a 30mm mono-tube chassis, the Airmax 30 SF scopes are designed to provide years of reliable use. Four magnification ranges (3-12, 4-16, 6-24 and 8-32) mean no compromising when it comes to scope selection.
  • 30mm Mono-tube design - handles heavy recoil
  • Side Focus Parallax adjustment
  • Additional 100mm large focus/parallax wheel*
  • Fully multi-coated optical system for maximum
  • clarity & light transmission
  • Glass etched illuminated reticles - never lose the aim point
  • Infinitely adjustable stepless rotary switch
  • ¼ M.O.A locking resettable positive click turrets
  • Coil erector spring - no shift in zero

  • Pricing from $359.99 - $449.99
    We had a chance to see Hawkes new Frontier SF. The hallmark of the Frontier line is the precision optical system.  The index match lenses sets the Frontier Optical system apart from the competition and other Hawke Scopes. Additionally the 6X optical system provides increased flexibility when transitioning between close and long range shooting.   They will be available with the new TMX Reticle and well as an LR Dot.  Available in 2.5-15x50 or 5-30x50.  Side focus control allow for parallax correction from 10 yards on the 2.5-15 model, while the 5-30 will focus from 30 yards.  Retail Pricing: $699.00 - $799.00 

    Kahles 10-50x60 has been upgraded with a lighted reticle set up specifically for FT.  More information to follow regarding this premium scope in the up coming months.

    Always good to see our man Paul from Air Venturi.  This was my first chance to sample the New Air Arms HFT.  This is the rifle that will essentially be replacing the MPR.  Laminate Stock, Button style trigger and larger air tube are some of the features this rifle offers.  Retail estimated at $1,495.00  Looking forward to having the HFT's in the shop in the next 7-10 business days.

    We will keep you updated...