Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vortek Pro Guide Kits

I  installed another Vortek Kit today. This one was the HW97 PG2 DIY Tuning Kit 15 ft/lb+ with VacSeal95 into a HW97 .20cal.  This system never fails to impress me.  I've liked the design concept of these kits from Day 1. The triple guide system eliminates vibration, which makes for a Fantastically smooth overall shot cycle, especially considering it is putting out 16 1/2 - 17 ft/lb depending on pellet.  I have an Old HW77 of my own, as soon as time allows, I plan on installing one of the New 25mm VAC Piston Seals that Vortek is not producing. 

Another New Product from Vortek that looks promising is the HW97 Breech Seal.  It is nice to have a company producing such innovative and high quality parts for Springers.