Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Things Come In Small Packages


The HW100 is a quality German made PCP. Side Lever cocking is smooth and effortless.  Gun has quick fill gauge and comes with two 14 shot magazines.  Limited Quantities, .177 & .22cal - Sporter Walnut Right Hand and Thumb hole Walnut Ambi,  Approximately 34" in length  This Handy Little Gun can be yours for $1,279.00
Click Here To Purchase

HO HO HO What Santa Could Bring For You!

What a Beauty! Daystates Air Ranger - Limited Edition Red Ranger.

  This is by far one of the Nicest Looking  Air Rifles I've ever seen.
The select wood and high gloss finish make this a must have for the person looking for a Show Piece as well as a Shooter. 

.22cal only, 50 ft/lb, PCP 

You may be wondering about it's name. Apparently in some areas of the UK the smaller red squirrels are threatened and there is a group that has formed to help persevere them, hence the induction of the Red Ranger Edition.

Seems ironic to me that here in Michigan we have just the opposite scenario. These critters are notorious for moving in and taking over. A local neighbor had almost $5,000.00 worth of damage done to his Classic Corvette when the small critters invaded his storage shed filling various portions of the car with walnuts and residue, as well as gnawing on  many hard to find and expensive items to replace. Hmmm, perhaps I should talk to him about investing in one of these fine rifles to protect his prize processions. 

Hard Case Included                                                                  Click Here to Purchase

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NEW Theoben on the Rack

 The NEW THEOBEN TAYLORED BT500 w/ Huggett Moderator has arrived at the Shop.

The BT500 started life as a 12-shot Theoben Rapid MK2.  Ben Taylor then rebuilds it to custom specification, adding a high-power regulator and anti-bounce hammer of his custom design to control consistency.  The Special Ben Taylor modified Weihrauch barrel is hand selected.  Borrowed from the Theoben S-Type design.  Internally, the hammer and hammer spring are modified for low drag and the porting is non standard. Each rifle is expert tuned by Ben Taylor himself to ensure the highest performance possible.  Once the valving exceeds his satisfaction, he focuses his attention on masterfully tuning the latest Theoben trigger design. 

  To say these rifles are quiet is a huge understatement. After passing the final inspections, the rifle is fitted to a custom, Milbro designed stock made of high grade walnut with beautiful checkered panels.  As an accent and signature, the stock has a Milbro logo designed into the bottom of the fore end checkering which adds a touch of subtle elegance to this fine package.

 A test target at 55 yards will be included with each of these rifles.

Permanently attached at the workshop is a Huggett moderator designed and built in the UK by Milbro Sport.


Overall Length: 43.5"
 Barrel Length: 18.5"
 Weight:  8.0lbs

.25 Caliber: 55 Shots per Fill     Average Velocity: 858 fps w/25.4g   Average Power: 41.5 ft/lbs


November 15th - A Good Opening Day

Appreciate your Patience with me being out of the Shop on Monday. My buddy Rick B. and I headed about an hour north of the shop, where I have access to an 80 Acre Farm in Kingston. Ending up getting a decent 6 Point Buck late in the afternoon.  It was a Clean Kill - One Shot 140 Yards with the ole Kight Muzzle Loader.  It was a broad side shot, held just behind the shoulder, a good clean kill. When gutting out the deer, could see that it touched just at the bottom of the heart.  Sorry no pics, we ended up dropping it off at the "SmokeHouse" for processing and should be able to pick it up later today. MMMM Looking forward to those Venison Back Straps.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monday November 15th is Opening Day for Deer Hunting

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jim will be out of the Shop on Monday - November 15th for Opening Day of Deer Hunting...If he doesn't talk with you before then, he will be available on Tuesday - November 16th and hopefully get to tell you about the Big Buck he got the day before.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Took The Royale For A Walk In The Woods

I've always liked the Royales for what they are not. They are Not Loud, They are Not Long, They are Not Heavy, and being a Premium Air Rifle they come in at a good price point.

 The picture shows my FX Royale .22cal Smooth Twist. It is used as a Demo Gun for customers and is always gratifying to see customers smile when they achieve good groups and comment about the ease with which they are able to do this. When I  first set up the rifle it had a Leapers 3-9x50 on it, and as long as I have a definite target to reference, orange dot or black ten meter bull I can still usually shoot very tight groups with this rifle at 50 and 55 yards.

Here are a couple of 5 & 10 shot groups. The black target shows a full mag shot @ 60 yards, which might have actually been 12 shots not 10 shots. My buddy Rich Coughlin was testing his Royale just was before dark and the air was clam when I grabbed my Royale I fired one clip using 18g JSB's first shot hit low - cold barrel, me, or whatever, but the rest of the shots went through a ragged hole that can easily be covered by a dime. So impressed with the group, I quickly fired a second group with 14.3 JSB's, either it was too dark, me, or the gun simply didn't like the 14.3's, still a decent group for 60 yards, but no comparison to the 18g JSB's. Other Orange dots show 50 and 55 yard 5 Shot groups.

Based on all of the above intel, I decided to give the Royale a go as a walk about squirrel shooting rifle.  Wanted to play to it's strengths and keep it as light as possible, so I mounted an old Leupold 2-7 compact. I bet I have had this scope close to 25 years, back in the day, it was one of the few scopes that would hold up on recoiling Springers.  I had Leupold reset the parallax to 30 yards and with a low 2-7 power, should prove be a good close medium range hunter. I took a walk to the back of my hunting property and sat down near a cluster of tall chestnut trees. I believe these are the American Chestnut Trees, they grow tall and straight and tend to be a good draw for the local squirrel population. Sitting patiently, for about 15-20 minutes brought sight of a nice grey squirell. He climbed and took a low perch on a tree approximately 25 yards away in perfect profile form. While I was sitting leaning against the tree, and he was foward and slightly to my left,  which made for a perfect Fiedl Target Shot. With the gun steady and resting on my knee, I held just a little low on the head,  eased through the first stag of the trigger - Concentrate - Squeeze -pop - then almost instantly a second WHOP as the JSB hit the side of his head and sent the squirrel tumbling out of the tree. While moving forward to grab this squirrel, I saw a second one, heading for some brush, So I took a  sitting position against the tree where the grey had just fallen, scanning above the brush I spotted him. He had climbed one of the bigger trees and presented another perfect profile shot.  I could clearly see the outline of his body and most importantly his head. Guessing the range to be about 35 yards, held just a tad high and touched off another shot. The same click and whop and down goes number 2!

Hated to leave the woods, things were just getting going, but work comes first. At least I had the chance to prove that the Royale was a capable small game getter as I knew it would be. 

Monday, October 25, 2010


We are happy to announce that we are now offering a
NEW line of Carbon Fiber Tanks. The "Great White" & "Guppy"

The largest is a 88 Cu Ft  4500 PSI AIR TANK called the "Great White". They are very light, Empty Tank with Hose Assemble weighs just under 13 Lbs, & Measure under 21" long by 7" diameter (sans valve).  Improved Bleeder, Hoses are approx. 40" long and have large strain relief on each end to help prevent kinking. The gauge has BAR & PSI scales - so no guessing about the PSI you are putting in your tank.  Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect included makes for a Complete Fill Set Up. $699.00

17 Cu Ft 4500 PSI AIR TANK called the "Guppy". The tank and hose assemble weighs just under 5 Lbs & Measure under 11.5" long by 4.5" diameter (sans valve). These are ideal for those that want to backpack a tank when hunting.  Everything you need to fill your airgun in the field (Tank, Stainless Steel 2" Glyceri-Filled Gauge with BAR & PSI Scale, and. 40" Hose has strain relief on each end to help prevent kinking, LARGE glycerin filled gauge with BAR & PSI scales (so no guessing about the PSI you are putting in your tank).  $425.00  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE GUPPY TANK

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vortek Kit for HW97 Installed

As part of a recent tune that I was completing on a HW97 .177cal, I had the chance to install one of Vorteks new kits, specifically for the HW97's.
Here are a few pics of the Kit and the process.
Pro Guide Kit for HW97

In the old days, we use to slightly grind the face of the seals to gain more volume. Here you will notice that Vorteks New Seal is approximately 1mm smaller in height, which leads to more volume in the compression tube, which helps to give more power. I have one customer call me, he has a Brand New R9, he exchanged the factory seal for the VAC Seal and gained 1 full foot pound of energy.

This product comes in handy. After all prep work, I spray on metal to metal contact areas, you can still use your favorite greases over the top of it. 

Prep'd and ready for final lubes and assembly.

Vortek Kit has slightly less pre-load than a factory set up. This can still vary depending on which shims and top hats you use. Vortek states that power is adjustable from sub-12ft/lbs and up.  This gun finished out at 13.5ft/lbs and I did not use all of the shims.

The HW97 .177cal  is assembled and ready to test fire.
This is of course one of the rare Green Centennial Versions.
Very Nice Rifle. Here are some Spec's:

Gun was shooting 821. w/8.4 JSB 12.54ft/lbs

Gun is shooting at 13.58ft/lbs
After just a handful of shots to settle in the tune. I did some crony'ing.
8.4 JSB
848.5, 849.0, 847
7.9 JSB
8.79, 880.5, 877.5
In Conclusion: I'd say the gun is shooting some very consistent numbers. Also, cocks and shoots smooth, the twang that was very prevalent with factory set is gone.  Biggest problem with this particular gun now is the spring twang from the under lever ball latch up system. Now that all the Main Spring twang is gone, you can really hear a buzz from the system. I have tried to come up with ideas to help with this including injecting some grease or other dampening compound into the tube to eliminate this noise. But this would envolve drilling a small hole in the cocking latch tube.  Anyone have any ideas?

PLEASE NOTE: This Kit is not yet in full production. Vortek states, they hope to have it available by the end of  September.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

BSA Super 10 - Back In Stock Walnut Only $895.00

 In my opinion these are the BEST PCP's BSA ever produced.
BSA Boxes - No GAMMO markings.
Shrouded .22cal  Walnut Stocks. Great Gun - Great Price - Limited Quantity
Click Here To Learn More

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Used Gun Page

Our Used Gun and Supply Page is up and running again. Feel free to check it out often. We will post current stock of Used Guns and Supplies here  at Used Guns and Supplies on our WebSite first, before posting them on any of  the other Forums. 

Some of our Current Listings Include:
USED Smith and Wesson 78 & 79. Sold as a Collectors Pair.
USED Beeman R10 .177cal
USED Beeman R1 .20cal

USED Beeman R1 .20cal, Gas Ram

USED Tau 7

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pellet Testing Time

The "Lou Gun"
Tested out some of the new JSB Pellets. In .22cal I usually shoot the 18G out of most mid or high power guns. But tonight I decided to test the 16G, as I had not shot them in some time. Shot one group at 50 yards, and was pleased - Good Quality Pellets. Not Bad group considering I was only using a 9X Weaver Classic Rim Fire Scope on a stock Theoben MKII, shooting low 30 ft/lbs. 

Next I grabbed some new .22cal 18G JSB's. They are as Good as they have ever been! Picture shows the group I shot with them. Actually, one of the BEST Groups I have ever shot. When you can barely drop a pellet through the hole that you just shot 5 through, you have to call it quits. These pellets are truly amazing...

Now I moved on to the  JSB's .177 Heavies, they actually weight out @ 10.4 on my scale and are spec'd as a 4.52 head size. Shot one group with three different guns. One shot down the barrel to warm her up and go. Groups Shown in Right Picture Above.

First Group shot with a freshly gone through ZM 2002 shooting 12ft/lb, hence the left and right spread from the slight breeze that was prevalent at that time.

Second group shot with another AZ Tuned Gun, one which I affectionately call the "Lou Gun" because this gun was formally owned by Lou Ferrigno. Lou is one heck of nice guy and an avid AirGunner. This gun shoots much hotter, closer to 19ft/lb. Actually showed slightly more left/right deviation, maybe I was just Luckier with the wind on the first one.

Third Group shot with a Theoben MFR, in a S Type Stock, with a 24" HW Barrel. Who knows how these things happen, they just do...Build this gun to take to the Good Ole Boys Shoot, but it was too hot, and never enough time to mess with it, so I ended up taking a 12ft/lb P70 instead. In calculating the power of this Customized Theoben the 10.4 pellet weight @ 1000 fps, it puts it at 23ft/lbs and gun is still a real tack driver, and capable of one hole 5 shot groups @ 50 yards when I'm able to do my part. Picture above left shows additional groups shot with this gun one evening.  All of them pretty good groups, dime size or smaller.

Groups are shot at 50 yards, 5 shots, aspirin used for size reference. Looking forward to some more nice cool and hopefully calm end of summer days to continue paper punching and preping for squirrel season.
ZM 2002

Monday, August 23, 2010

Daystate's MK4 Platinum LE

Limited to just 100 rifles Daystate is proud to announce the MK4 Platinum LE -  a limited edition version of the company’s Mk4 iS Precharged Air Rifle.

The electronically fired MK4  uses a developed version of the Steve Harper electronic Capacitive Discharge Technology, first used over 10 years ago , but now much refined and using a new digital regulator system provided by the rifles new electronic (MCT) monitoring system and a display screen to keep the shooter informed on the status of the rifle. The MK4 Platinum is backed by numerous other accuracy enhancing features, from an electronically-operated, fully-adjustable two-stage trigger to a target-grade barrel, fitted into a special re-enforced breech block.

Despite all the cutting edge technology within the MK4, the Platinum is also a stunning looker, with its silver finish and handmade stock by one of Britain's most famous stock makers, Gary Cane.  The result is the MK4 Platinum handles and shoots as good as it looks. Ambi Stock allows for left or right hand capability.
To Place An Order - Click Here

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our New Website

We hope you will enjoy our New Site. You will notice New Products, New Logo, New Format, BUT the Same People striving to bring you Great Service!  It's hard to believe that we are in our 5th Year of Business. We thought it was time to update the site and once Nancy got started she couldn't stop. As many of you know, I'm not the Computer Wizard of the Team, and I'd like to compliment Nancy on the Great Job she did redesigning our site.

The exciting news is that you can now purchase online. However, if you would like to give us a call, I still would enjoy talking AirGuns with you and helping you with your Airgun related purchases. 

TODAYS NEWS can still be found through the Todays News Button which brings you here to our Blog. Now when we post something that you found of real interest, it is archived for you to come back over and over again to reference.

PHOTO GALLERY now links to our Gallery with Shutterfly, so when you find the picture of yourself at one of the Fun Shoots you can easily print a copy for yourself.

We will now offer a USED GUN section, which will feature Used Items that come in to the shop. They will be posted here for 48 Hours, before moving them also onto the various Forum Classifieds.

Shoot Safe - Shoot For Fun - Shoot An Airgun

Monday, July 12, 2010

Precision Airguns and Supplies Fun Shoot 2010

Precision Airguns And Supplies Fun Shoot is this Saturday July 17th
We Should Have A Great Time
We Have 50+ Registered Shooters And With The Covered Shooting Areas
Look Forward To A Good Time Rain Or Shine
Don't Forget To Bring Any Shooting Benches And Equipment That You Prefer
As Well As 10 Meter And Your Best Silhouette And FT Rig
Remember Your Sale Items For The SWAP MEET
See You Saturday July 17, 2010
9AM - 4:00PM

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Arrivals in the Shop

MK4 Platnium with Gary Cane Stock
and BSA R10

2010 Good Ole Boys Shoot

Here's some Pics from the Good Ole Boys Shoot this past weekend in Pulaski, TN...95* with 100% Humidity...Check out the Hot and Happy Shooters

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New FX Independence

Local Customer Ron A. picks up his New FX Independence. Great Air Rifle for a guy who wants the shootablity of a PCP, and doesn't want to be dependent on an Air Tank