Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Airgunners Dream Weekend-Part 2 FT Competition

Sunday morning I was off to the WWCCA (Western Wayne County Conservation Association) in Plymouth, Michigan for the last Field Target Competition of the 2011 Season.  I'm lucky to be only 1 hour away from this great facility. I would suggest anyone else who  is in close proximity to check out the WWCCA take advantage of all that they have to offer, especially for the Airgun Community.

I was anxious to take my AZ tuned Steyr 110 to the match.  Had not touched the gun since the Great Lakes 100 which was held at this same place.  Steyr's are usually tanks and very stable, once they are set up.  A few test shots at the test range show'd wind was going to be an issue, but everything else seemed good for the gun.  The  Leupold Competition with 3/8" target dot compliments this rifle well.  JSB Heavies were the pellet of choice for today. My wind guesstimates were all pretty good, did miss one 55 yard sitting target.  Wind blew the pellet a full inch or more out of the kill zone.  I aced the off hand with was 6 for 6 which is always a relief, but the kneelers killed me dropping 3 out of 6 including two at 35 yards.  As far as I know that 35 yard target still had shiny paint on it at the end of the event.  Scoring a 56 out of 60 proved to be a top score for the day.

The matches are scheduled for 60 shots over the course of fire.  The match is typically held on the Air Gun Walk through range.  A 20 FPE limit is imposed on their field target events, and WWCCA and AAFTA rules apply to all of the scheduled field target events.  A $10.00 entry fee also includes a hot lunch.

Click Here to see all of the pictures from the Field Target Match

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