Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FX Royale FT 400

 FX has incorporated a high tech multi adjustable stock on the 400 action.
The Field Target stock now provides field shooters with the superior ergonomics
and adjust ability needed for field target shooting.
With the ft riser off, I liked the stability offered by the extended forearm.  Using just a single forward bag and shooting at 50 yards, rifle was shooting dime and smaller groups.  After three site in shots at 50 yards, I was close enough to fire my first group, which was one of the best measuring at .230 center to center.  The next day, back on the range, clam conditions allowed for four more groups. Once again, all groups were dime size or smaller, with a .315 center to center.  
This Royale FT has a new style trigger.  The trigger blade is more reminiscent of a match style version, adjusts latterly as well as up and down, forward and back.  Trigger broke at 4.9 to 5.2 ounces on the scale.  The rifle with it's accessories, not including the scope and rings weights in at 9lbs 11oz.  The gun is regulated and is shooting JSB 18g @ 835fps which puts the guns at about 28fpe.
FX Royale FT 400
Available in .177 & .22

Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Arrivals from: Theoben, Steyr, Milbro & Daystate

What an exciting week this has been, with the arrival of many new Airguns.   First to arrive was Theoben's New MFR MKII.  This air rile features a carbon fiber shroud and dove tail base. Also the fill gauge has a new location on the side of the rifle. Very Nice Updates to an already great rifle.
Theoben MFR MKII

Next in line came the New Steyr Hunting 5.  I was impressed with the lightness, barely weighing in at 7lbs, the rifles short side cocking action is fast and very easy to use.  This rifle is regulated and is shooting at 31fpe with JSB 18g.

50 Yard - 5 Shot Groups
I negleted to fill up the gun before test firing, as you can see, groups began to drop off, has I shot the last two targets on the right.

After airing up, fired one last 5 shot group at 50 yards on left.
The Milbo Metisse is another new state of the art air rifle.  Very Quite, excellent trigger and great accuracy. The first ten shot group I fired was basically dime size, however, once I settled in and  became familiar with the two shot shuttle system, my second five shot group tightened up even more.  

The Highly Anticapted Wolverine arrived on Thursday.  Daystate never disappoints.  If you are looking for the finest Big Bore Air Rifle in production, this should fulfil your needs.  Spec'd at close to 100 ft/lbs and estimted 12-15 shots on a fill.  Holds nice and balances well.  Should be an awesome heavy hitter.

Daystate Wolverine 303

 Look forward to more details and airgun action in the future.

FYI: On a personal note, I'm out of the shop till Thursday October 4,2012.
Hope to hear from you then.
Shoot Safe, Shoot for Fun, Shoot an Airgun

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sept Squirrel Hunt

Michigan's Squirrel Season officially opened on September 15, 2012.  Couldn't make it out on Saturday, but bright and early Sunday, September 16th I was in the woods.  My favorite time of year, the weather was perfect and so were my hunting partners, Dave Lovio and Rick McKean.  

The morning hunt we were in some nice thick woods, so I used my Camo Theoben Rapid MFR .22cal.  Unfortunately,  these woods did not appear to hold many squirrels, did not see a single one.  In the afternoon, I moved to another patch of woods, that I'm more familiar with, that has many hardwoods and nut trees.  What a difference location makes, found a couple of nut trees on one ridge that had four squirrels running about.  Having my  FX Royale 400 with me now, I was able to snipe three of the four, before the last one realized he had better run for cover. Within a few hours I had limited out. The small red squirrels did not offer any meat, but the land owner wanted them thinned out, as they are a real nuisance on his property.  
Team Daystate - Dave Lovio & Rick McKean
Team Daystate -  Used their tactical Air Wolfs to help contribute with the overall daily tally.  A good time was had by all and looking forward a long fall season and many more airgun outings.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Lanes

Like alot of people on Labor Day, I'm usually working on something.  At least this Labor Day I was laboring on something I have a real passion for, setting up an FT course in a section of woods next to my house.  Spent the better part of Sunday weed whipping, brush hogging ect., getting the lanes cut in and clean'ed up.  Monday morning, set some targets in place and local airgunner and friend Rick Broughton shot our first match.

As Good as it Gets
Kicking back for some casual FT Shooting
 Most of the targets were various home-made swinger styles I threw together.  These are just as fun to shoot and elimates all the lines and mantaince that goes along with traditional FT knock downs.  Targets were randomly placed from ten to fifty yards.  Kill zones varied from 1/4" to 1-1/4".  Anticipating the final FT Event at WWCCA on September 9, 2012 is was nice to put our Steyr's through a real world practice session.

This one made you think a little bit,
 but at 18yards it really was not that difficult.
1/4" at 17 yards
No Problem for the Super Steyr 
This is the one that got away.
  I use one number from 20-30 yards
and missed low this one on my first shot.
Now I do have an actual 22 yard number.
Thanks practice range.

 Keep in mind, no off hands or kneelers.  I ended up with a 39/40 and Rick was just a few shots behind.  Hopefully we will get a nice long stretch of beautiful fall weather to spend more time on the FT Course.

The following morning
some locals checked out the FT Range
Heard something about interest
in the Hunter Class? lol

Friday, August 31, 2012

Steyrs AZ Tuned - In Stock No Waiting

Out of the box, Steyrs are great, very accurate rifles. I especially like the fact that Steyr offers a fifty meter, five shot test target with every rifle.  Those looking to take a great air rifle Steyr and customize it, may be familiar with AZ tuned services.  Allen Zasandy is know through out the airgun community as an excellent air rifle tuner and accessory provider.  

 Precision Airguns and Supplies is excited to offer AZ tuned Steyr air rifles as part of our inventory. Allen has free floated and bed the barrels, added a quick fill for convenience and added a custom made shroud for less noise and an even smoother shot cycle.  I also had him add a bolt pin which will set the pellet to the exact same dept in the barrel every time.   

Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 Hunter .22cal 30fpe  $2,495.00
External Power Adjuster  $49.00
Longer Bottle $20.00
AZ Tune  $720.00
Total: $3,284.00 SOLD
Steyr LG110 Hunter .22cal 30fpe Target
I took the time to scope and test fire each of these AZ Tuned Steyrs.  All three easily shot fifty yard, five shots groups that can be covered with a dime. Interesting note, while shooting the Higher Powered LG110 AZ tuned Steyr, I notice a small bug flying above the target, it was smaller than a common house fly.  Lets just call it a half-fly.  Trying not to let it distract me I stayed focus on shooting a tight group and was very pleased with the results.  While admiring the nice little group through the scope, the little half-fly actually landed on the edge of the group. I wasn't going to chance ruining this nice group, and thought "you are one lucky little bug".  Then to my amazement it flew a little to the left and landed on a clean target.  Great - I quickly loaded the rifle, steadied out on the bag, concentrate, squeeze and then POP, saw a little grey streak as the pellet arced up and then dropped into the hole where the fly once sat.  One Shot-One Kill, just the way Carlos Hathcock did it.
Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 Hunter .22cal 18fpe $2,495.00
External Power Adjuster  $49.00
Longer Bottle $20.00
AZ Tune  $720.00
Total: $3,284.00
Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 Hunter .22cal 18fpe Target 
So if any of you have a back yard "bug problem" or simply enjoy shooting and owning some of the finest air rifles made, perhaps a AZ tuned Steyr is your future.
Steyr AZ Tune LG110 FT .177 18fps $3,195.00
External Power Adjuster  $49.00
Longer Bottle $20.00
AZ Tune  $720.00
Total: $3,984.00 SOLD
Steyr AZ Tuned LG110 .177 18fps Target

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crosman PCP 1720T Pistol .177cal

The Crosman 1720T PCP Pistol is ideally suited for field target, plinking, target or small pest control. The grip is ambidextrous and the bolt can be switched from the right to the left, anyone can comfortably shoot it without compromise.

I scoped a pistol and shot a few groups at 50'.  The factory trigger was a little stiff, which caused me to pull a shot, but the 7.9 JSB's shot very good.  I really didn't give the Crosman Heavies a chance, since I only fired two shots.  Cleaning the barrel, lubing, and trying different pellets can only help to improve already good groups.
 Nice Pistol - Good Job Crosman

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jim's New Favorite Scope - Burris Timberline

 The majority of my personal air rifles have 3-9 scopes on them.  For general purpose shooting, plinking, hunting and even 50 yard target shooting at 1" Target Dots, the 3-9 proves to be a very versatile scope.

Recently, I have discovered the Burris Timberline  Rifle Scope 4.5-14x 32mm Adjustable Objective Ballistic Plex Reticle Matte.  This is my new favorite general purpose airgun scope.  It will paralax from 7 yards to infinity.  A 4.5 is still a low enough magnification to give a broad site picture for hunting, and the 14X gives a more precise view for longer range shooting.  My 50+ year old eyes really appreciate the extra magnification.

In comparison with my old favorite the Leupold 3-9 EFR,  it is similar size, only slightly more weight and allows for more magnification.  The Burris glass quality is very good.  You can actually range find with it quite effectively as it snaps in and out of paralax adjustment very sharply.

My biggest pet peeve with the current model of Leupolds 3-9 EFR is Leupold for what ever reason eliminated the rear ocular locking ring.  Why they would eliminate a minimal cost item from an upper end scope is beyond me.  Yes-the Burris does have the rear ocular lock ring.

Another nice feature on this scope is that it has multiple aim points on the reticle.  I would say the reticle in medium to fine in density which is again for target work, but offers enough mass for small game hunting.  With a price point of $275.00 it proves to be a Winner!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Steyr LG110 Groups

Tom Meyers put his recently acquired  Steyr LG110 through the paces
and was kind enough to send us some pictures with his results.

He shot groups at 55 yards off the bench using oiled CPH's and one group at 30 yards.  He state that the CPH's will be better than the JSBH's because they don't require a clean barrel to shoot well. Tom converted part of his archery range into an airgun range that is marked out to 75 yards.  

 Great Shooting Tom!

Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5th Bench Rest

Back Row: Dave Goldstein, Jim Stanis, Ryan M, Steve Joseph, Zach Joseph
Front Row: Mark Maher, Rick Broughton, Jacob Goldstein, Rick McKean
When Michigan temps reach a heat index of 111* on July 5th,
our outdoor non-sanctioned bench rest shoot soon became an indoor bench rest.
All the shooters were thankful for the A/C.
Targets were set at 50 feet to allow more room for the competitors and their gear.
Thank you everyone for attending.

Name Rifle Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Total
Jim Stanis Anschutz 2002  .177 250   11X 250   6X 250   9X 750   26X
Steve Joseph Air Arms S400 12 ft/lb .177 250   4X 250   4X 250   5X 750   14X
Rick Broughton Steyr LG110  FT  .177 250   6X 250   5X 248   3X 748   14X   
Rick McKean Daystate Air Wolf .25 250   3X 249   6X 246   3X 745   12X
Mark Maher Daystate Grey Shadow .22 244   5X 248   3X 248   6X 740   14X
Ryan M Steyr LG110  249   1X 241   1X 249   6X 739   8X
Zach Joseph Air Arms S410 .22 247   1X 242   2X 247   6X 736   9X
Dave Goldstein Daystate Air Ranger .25 246   3X 247   4X 242   7X 735   14X
Jacob Goldstein Daystate Huntsman Classic .22 219 241   2X 226   3X 686   5X

Sunday, June 3, 2012

With Wind and Bench Rest the Wind Always WINS

Saturday June 2nd brought in the wind and Steve Joseph.  Steve currently lives in Ohio and is a long haul trucker. He is also an avid airgunner and friend.  We were glad to see him in town for the weekend, and we knew there was going to be some airgunning no matter what the weather conditions happen to be.  

There was a great selection of air rifles.  Daystate, FX, Steyr and Theoben all had their chance at bucking the wind and attempting to hit the 10 ring.   

Rickey B. another local airgun  buddy was also able to join us. Typically when the three of us are together, we shoot 50 yards, tightest group for bragging rights, however in these high wind conditions, we all agreed it was pointless to try.  So instead, we set up bench rest at 25 yards.

Rickey B highest score 244 3X was achieved with his newest acquisition the Daystate's Grey Shadow with JSB 18G.  Shooting at high power just under 40 ft/lb  the extra muscle seemed to really help in the brisk wind.  His Steyr Huner .20cal obtained a similar 244 2X.

Steve's FX Royale 400 performed best for him with 243 6X.  Steve played with some of his other rifles including his Theoben Rapid .20cal and his Theoben MKI 12 ft/lb .20cal   Steve's personal favorite that day was his Royale 400.

My highest score was shot with a Daystate Air Wolf also on high power 246 7X shooting JSB 18G.  Amazingly enough my little 12 ft/lb Steyr Hunter shot a similar 246 4X.  Having a larger scope 6.5 - 20 other than 3-9's that I shot on the other rifles that day, plus really focusing on doping the wind allowed for a very respectable card considering a lower powered rifle and high powered winds.

Looking forward to our next get together and much less wind.