Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Squirrel of the Season - JSB's do not Disappoint

My favorite time of the year, Fall in Michigan synoumus with Squirrel Hunting Season. Opening day was Thursday Septemer 15th, but didn't make it into the woods till late Friday afternoon.  My first day out, I planned on taking my 12ft/lb MFR .22cal, early season, lots of leaves, most shots are close under 30 yards which makes this perfect for the 12 ft/lb.  Hey if the Brit's can do it so can I.  Just makes the hunt that much more of a challenge. 

When my buddy Rickey B showed up in the afternoon with his full power .22cal MFR, I did not want to be out gunn'd so I grabbed my Daystate Wolf which is shooting at about 29 1/2 ft/lb.  A couple of test groups with my Theoben MII and Daystate AirWolf show'd that both guns were shooting the latest batch of  JSB 18g. 5.53 head size very well. Rickey's Theoben MFR is nicely camo'd out using a camo film process that Precision Airguns and Supplies will be offering as an option to our customers soon. Check back for Pricing, and Pattern Availability.
We headed off to a small section of woods, not really seriously hunting, we were doing more walking and talking than usual.  Amazly within a half an hour or so I managed to bag three of the unsuspecting long tails. With the recent cool snap they were so busy gathering their nuts, they didn't see us coming.


I backed out of the small section of woods to give Rickey a chance, sat near some dead elm trees, plinking at the steady flow of starlings that kept landing at the tall tops.  This is what airgunning is all about...Click-Whop-Drop  Light is starting to fade away and Rickey walks out of the woods with one squirrel in hand "Yeah at least I didn't get skunked" says Rickey.

Looking forward to more hunts, longer time in the woods and bigger bag limits.

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