Saturday, January 29, 2011

FX Royale 500 .25cal Are In The Shop

Wonderful Michigan Saturday with Snow Flurries and Fairly Light Winds....A Great day for testing out the Royale 500 .25cal.  As the pictures show, the guns are are  longer than the Standard Royale 400. Royale 500's measure 47.0" vs Royale 400's 40.5"

      With 27* and 8mph wind, I had to quickly improvised to save some heat in the shooting range, a Plexiglas version is in the works.
The backstop was already frozen at 60 yards so why move it up to 50.  Royale 500 was shooting at 41 ft/lbs with JSB Kings 25G.  As a control I fired a group next to it with my Rapid .22, I know this gun consistently shoots 1/2' or less at 50 yards. On this day and these conditions, Royale shot similar groups.  Also this was before I adjusted the trigger on the Royale. Per Customers Requests I gave a couple of turns in on the hammer spring brought the Royale up to 48 ft/lb with JSB and well over 51ft/lb with Kodiaks. 

Size comparison of Royales
Royale 500 Walnut $1,750.00
Royale 500 Synthetic $1,549.00

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Air Arms S510 .25cal Test Group

Test Fired an Air Arms S510 .25cal for a customer today. Basically put a loaded mag in the gun, was on paper and close in three shots. Fired one 5 Shot group with JSB .25cal Kings, then emptied the last three shots into another target. Gun shoots Great! Did not lube the pellets, clean the barrel, or test any other brands. 52 feet indoors, 9X Scope, Single Front Bag, no rear rest bag 37.5 fpe with JSB .25cal 25G.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Theobens NEW Rapid XP MK2 Pro

The Rapid XP MKII Pro is the very latest incarnation of the Original Rapid range, but with numerous updates and improved features.  The action is now dressed in a high grade American Walnut thumbhole stock, built in the heart of the USA, finished by hand, combining the proven High tech CNC built actions with stocks lovingly created by old world know how and quality.  A totally superbly hand built and unique air rifle, that cannot be confused with the numerous cheap copies that seem to pop up and quickly fade away every few months, the Rapid proven over decades, is here to stay.

The Rapid XP MKII Pro now comes fitted as standard with a totally new quick-fill design, in either a regulated or fast flow design.  The bottle never needs to be removed, and correspondingly you will see an increase in shots per fill, depending on the caliber of between 5 to 10 shots.

Setting new levels of refinement, quite simply an instant collectible, either Hunting, Field Target Competition, or Bench Rest the Rapid XP MKII Pro is ready right out of the box.

Fitted with our latest fourth generation, match grade two stage adjustable trigger with a manual safety.  The Rapid XP MKII Pro is fitted with selected Super Honed Walther barrels.

The new stock, inspired by our original XP design, now has a now has a minimum Grade Three walnut stock as standard, it still features a contoured roll over cheek piece, thumbhole/thumb up rest feature, and integral trigger guard, but now the forend is finished in a Schnabel end delineating exquisitely with the buddy bottle.  With a stippled pistol grip and adjustable butt pad it feels as good as it looks.

Bolt action pre-charged pneumatic High Powered Recoilless
Available in .177, .20, .22 and .25calibers
Weight: 7.9 lbs unscoped
7, 12, or 17 shot magazines depending on caliber.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cometa - Lynx PCP Air Rifle

Cometa is getting very close to releasing the Lynx. When talking with them at the Shot Show they were hoping for early summer. 

The new Lynx is a versatile PCP air rifle with a clean, modern look.
Cometa Lynx:

.177 & .22
Barrel length 18.5 inches
Overall Length 38.58 inches
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Power: Regulated according with the laws of the country destination
Bottle: 220cc, 200 bar
High precision cold hammered barrel
Muzzle brake with thread 1/2" UNF. Trigger adjustable for weight and length.

Manual Safety. Easy charge of  pellets. Optional magazine.

Ambidextrous wood stock, available in natural and blue oil finishing.
Fitted rubber pad.
Scope is Optional

Pricing is Estimated to be in the $600 - $700.00 price range. However, not confirmed at this time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our First Day At The Shot Show

Our first day at the Show was a busy one with many familiar exhibitors.  Met with Theoben USA, and received all the details of the New Rapid XP MK2 Pro. The very latest incarnation of the Original Rapid range but with numerous updates and improved features. The new stock inspired by the original XP design now has a minimum Grade Three Walnut Stock as a standard feature, New Quick Fill & Gauge design, Newly designed bolt and select Super Honed Walther Barrels. More Details  & Pictures to Follow.

Daytates new offering of the Tactical Air Wolf with Soft Touch Finish. Airstream is not shown in pic but is included with the rifle. 

The Wolverine Prototype looks to be a promising addition to the Daystate lineup. Unique feature - the breech is milled from a solid single piece of ergal7075. Also magazine is pneumatically cycled by air normally wasted during the shot cycle. More details will follow as rifle nears production.

FX has some exciting new additions.  Royale 500's are Here!  .25cal, 45 ft/lb, 80 Shots, 205 Bar Fill are quoted specs.  Accurate and Quiet. Top rifle: FX Royale 500  Bottom Rifle: FX Royale 400 $1,750.00 Walnut      $1,549.00 Synthetic 

FX Royale 200 features a slimmer air tube for less weight. Shooting at around 28 ft/lbs, gun should provide approx. 40 shots in .22cal  $1,395.00 as shown.

New MK2 Whisper features an improved shroud for extreme quiet.  Quick Fill and Gauge are standard.  $699.00 Synthetic Stock       $999.00 Walnut

To See All Of Our Pictures From The Shot Show Click Here

It was a good day....We'll keep you posted...
Jim & Nancy

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sneak Peek - CZ 200S

Thought you would like a Sneak Peek/Pre Shot Show look a
A new offering direct from CZ
The CZ200S

As some of you will recognize this rifle previously offered by Daisy as the Avanti and Air Arms as the S200, it is now offered direct from CZ 

This higher powered Precision Air Rifle is based on CZ's 10 Meter Olympic Competition Model.  With up to 800 fps with a .177cal pellet, this air rifle would also be an excellent choice for pest control,  plinking or competition training, and available at a great price of $429.00

The gun has a two stage adjustable trigger with a red laminated competition stock.
The CZ200S comes with a 4x32 scope and rings included.
No specs on the scope at this time, but I was told it is czechoslovakian made.

Availability Date is estimated to be mid to late February.
Limited Supply - Reserve Yours Today

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Precision Airguns Attending the SHOT SHOW

Thinking about your Next Purchase....Wouldn't want you to be excited about Placing Your Order and find out we are at the SHOT SHOW January 18th - 22nd and that we are not able to Ship to you till January 24th.

Why not place your Order now and just sit back and relax and stay updated with the Photo's and Info we will be posting while at the Show. 

Our last Shipping Date will be Monday January 17th. We will resume normal business on Monday January 24th

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Nancy and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous 2011. 

Hopefully now that the Holidays have come to a close, we Avid Airgunners can get back to some serious plinking.

Unique New Air Arms S400 Sub 12ft/lbs

NEW GUN ONLY ONE AVAILABLE Air Arms S400 Carbine Sub 12ft/lbs, The pneumatic version of the R7 but a little hotter. 700 fps with JSB.  Light weight, quick handling and should give alot of shots,  I would guess 100+ Click Here to Purchase