Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ballistic Rubber Panel/Tile for Airgun Back Stop

This is one of the best products we have found to use for a back stop in AirGun applications. Easy to pin targets to, quiet, catches lead, and can take many hits. Currently installed on our indoor range, which receive extensive use. Your are purchasing the Ballistic Rubber panel/tile only, no additional back stops included. 

Available sizes are: 

Match Rifles shooting flat wad cutter pellets at 600fps on a 10 meter range expel enough power to penetrate the ballistic rubber. We would consider this the minimum velocity to penetrate the rubber.  As in any shooting scenario, safety glasses are always recommended. 

Manufacturer suggests gluing these panels to a suitable backstop. On our indoor range we laminated this product to 1/8" steel plate. We also created movable panels that are used indoors and outdoors as bench rest backers. We bent the bottom lip to form a shelf for standing plinker targets and drilled a single hole in the top to hang on various range stands. This worked well for us. 

Ballistic Rubber panel/tiles are designed to reduce ricochet, splatter and airborne lead. Ballistic rubber panels/tiles can be easily mounted to existing infrastructure of concrete, steel or wood and used for ceiling or walls. 

Contents: Shredded recycled rubber, urethane binder
Process: Cold pressure molding
Density: 55.5 lbs per cubic foot
Durometer: 60+5
Flammability: UL Flame Spread Rating
Design: Captures rounds of to 7.62 and 5.56 mm x 45MM without ricochet or splatter
Install: Industrial adhesive to steel, concrete, or wood
Durability 2000-2500 round, dependent on round and distribution.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jim Shares His Views on the 2014 SHOT Show

We had the pleasure of speaking with Jon Brooks from while at the SHOT Show 2014.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Another HM1000X ships out of the shop and wanted to take a minute
and capture some pictures and show how beautiful these rifles are.
 I believe the silver rings this customer choose,
 helped to accent the other silver features already found on the rifle.

Michigan winter winds and below freezing temperatures
negated the use of the outside range, but 5 shots as 50 feet indoors
prove the accuracy of this rifle.
Shooting 940fps/49fpe with .25cal JSB pellets
Indoors at 50 feet - 5 Shot Group - .070 center to center


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Greetings from the 2014 SHOT SHOW

 Tuesday our first stop was at the Air Arms Booth,
we spoke with Sheila Cooper who showed us the new S510 Carbine Ultimate Sporter.
Includes sling studs and ambi laminated stock.Shown with optional muzzle break.
This is the 12FPE version, FAC version should be available soon.
Weights about 8lbs without the scope.

Simon Gibbon from Air Arms and the new FTP 900 (Field Target Professional)
These should be available in our next Air Arms shipment.

Air Arms FTP 900
Leapers Accushot offers internal bubble levels in select model on the Big Game Hunters

 Accushot Tctical Series - Compact now available in 4-16 with glass etched reticles
Should compliment there popular 3-12 compact version

 Always good to run into Martin and Sandra Rutherford
from RAW (Rapid Air Weapons)
Martin was anxious to tell us about RAW's New for 2014
HM Thumbhole
Grade 3 Walnut or Laminate Stock
400 cc Bottle, 19" Barrel
44 1/4" long, 9lbs weight
Regulated,  "V" QUick fill with Gauge
Long Carbon Fibre Sound Reducer
Tests done with .22cal giving 28fpe with 21G pellets
Pictures to follow soon

Also new will be the HM Target
Laminate STock with Adjustable Cheek
400cc Bottle, 24" Barrel
46 1/2" long, 9.75lbs weight
Regulated, "V" Quick fill with Gauge
Long Aluminum Sound reducer

 Brad from Hawke Optics
 Showing us the new Endurance Line.
This will be replacing the Eclipse Line
Features new attached flip up lens covers
Variable rheostat and additional reticle options

 Wednesday - The Daystate/AOA Booth
Daystate Wolverine B  available in .177 & .22cal
Shooting at 18fpe in .177cal
Shooting at appox. 30fpe .in 22cal
Shot count is estimated at 80 in .22cal
Shot count is estimated at 100+ in .177cal
Includes Huggett Shroud System which makes for a 
very quiet shooting rifle right out of the box.
IN STOCK $1,995.00

  Raptor Pneumatics EZ-Fill-4500 Air Compressor
This is a stand alone 4500psi compressor
Runs on 110 volt
Is water cooled, has automatic shut off, automatic condensation drain
and adjustable shut off points. Unit weighs approx. 75lbs

We had the pleasure of meeting Ted from Ted's HoldOver, as
I'm sure many of you are familiar with Ted's Videos and Blog, heck of a nice guy.
 also always a pleasure seeing Stefano Gervasoni from Daystate.

Great to meet Steve in CT from the Yellow Forum

FX was well represented with their product line
Semi Auto's - Repeaters - Multi Shot Pheumatics

And the Very Popular, Newest Bobcat
In stock and available in .22 and .25cal
.30cal's back in stock shortly