Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post Shot Show New Products, Information and Specials

Our week at the Shot Show was exciting.
 Here is some information and special pricing that may be of interest to you.
We have a few of the Cricket Carbine Rifles available.  Offered in .22cal, featuring the light weight skeleton stock, includes two magazines and fill probe.
 Sale Price: $1,289.00 Limited Supply.

Cricket Bullpups still available starting at $1,399.00 - $150.00 Savings

We are happy to offer a Super Savings on select FX Products
Super Savings to include Royale 500 - Royale 400 - FX Boss
While supplies last the special will include a FREE
  MTC Genesis LR 5-20x50 Scope

The   MTC Genesis LR 5-20x50 is a great scope that features a AMD Reticle, 2nd focal plane, 30mm tube, side wheel parallax, illuminated and many other nice features that are listed HERE. Scope retails for $449.00

We have some German Match Grade Barrels. Variety of lengths and calibers at Amazing Prices starting at $21.95 - Yes you read correctly, starting at $21.95 for a Lothar Walther Barrel.  Handy for anyone wanting to rebarrel a pistol, carbine rifle or what have you.  Full spec's and details found HERE.

On a side note, if you are purchasing any of these barrels in conjunction with any other products ie: air rifle, scope, pump, air bottle ect. you will receive
Free Shipping on the barrel/barrels you purchase.

Speaking of Air Bottles, we now have in stock Omega Carbon Fiber Air Bottles at a true 100 cubic foot.  Priced at $669.00  

A great complement to the Omega 75 Cubic Foot Carbon Fiber Bottle. Quck Connect Hose option available for both models for an additional $49.00

A reminder on the Daystate MK4 Special for $1,795.00

Details HERE

New Optics we will be offering in the near future will be
the Sightron.
And the 
 New MTC Connect

The MCT Connect scope features a extremely wide field of view, the trade off is a very short eye relief, so recommended for the low recoiling air rifles.  I have had many requests for this scope and can see why shooters request it.  In sampling, one of these scopes on a rifle, I found light contact with the rear ocular actually works best, adds an additional lock point, hence making you truly one with the gun.

We appreciate your interest in our Blog for the latest information

Another great scorce of airgun information, for those who are not familiar with it, is the GTA (
We proudly sponsor them for the open and unbiased forum they provide.
Check them out soon.

Other exciting news is there will be another new airgun forum popping up soon.
It will be moderated by Ted Bier. Some of you may already know him for his Ted Holdover Videos.  Those who are not familiar with Ted and his wealth of airgun knowledge may want to get familiar with him through his website and soon to be released forum.

Shoot Safe - Shoot for Fun - Shoot an Airgun

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second Day at the Shot Show

Hawke is now offering the new Airmax 30 SF scope.  They are equipped with a side focus parallax adjustment, with a range of 10 yards to infinity. This enables the shooter to be parallax free and in focus at all target distances. The Patented design allows for the addition of a larger wheel (100mm dia. wheel supplied) to be installed direct to the central axis.
This allows for easier, more accurate operation.
The Airmax 30 Side Focus offers a specialized optical setup for airgunners.
One truly exceptional feature of the Airmax 30 SF scopes is the AMX airgun fully floating Mil Dot reticle.  Built around a 30mm mono-tube chassis, the Airmax 30 SF scopes are designed to provide years of reliable use. Four magnification ranges (3-12, 4-16, 6-24 and 8-32) mean no compromising when it comes to scope selection.
  • 30mm Mono-tube design - handles heavy recoil
  • Side Focus Parallax adjustment
  • Additional 100mm large focus/parallax wheel*
  • Fully multi-coated optical system for maximum
  • clarity & light transmission
  • Glass etched illuminated reticles - never lose the aim point
  • Infinitely adjustable stepless rotary switch
  • ¼ M.O.A locking resettable positive click turrets
  • Coil erector spring - no shift in zero

  • Pricing from $359.99 - $449.99
    We had a chance to see Hawkes new Frontier SF. The hallmark of the Frontier line is the precision optical system.  The index match lenses sets the Frontier Optical system apart from the competition and other Hawke Scopes. Additionally the 6X optical system provides increased flexibility when transitioning between close and long range shooting.   They will be available with the new TMX Reticle and well as an LR Dot.  Available in 2.5-15x50 or 5-30x50.  Side focus control allow for parallax correction from 10 yards on the 2.5-15 model, while the 5-30 will focus from 30 yards.  Retail Pricing: $699.00 - $799.00 

    Kahles 10-50x60 has been upgraded with a lighted reticle set up specifically for FT.  More information to follow regarding this premium scope in the up coming months.

    Always good to see our man Paul from Air Venturi.  This was my first chance to sample the New Air Arms HFT.  This is the rifle that will essentially be replacing the MPR.  Laminate Stock, Button style trigger and larger air tube are some of the features this rifle offers.  Retail estimated at $1,495.00  Looking forward to having the HFT's in the shop in the next 7-10 business days.

    We will keep you updated...

    Tuesday, January 20, 2015

    First Day at the Shot Show - Janaury 20, 2015

    Daystate's Newest addition to the air gun market is the Pulsar.  This bullpup is taking air rifle shooting into the next era!  To my knowledge this is the first bullpup that can be shot left or right handed.  The side lever can actually be switched from left to right side as can the cheek piece.  It still uses Daystates established CDT and MCT Systems.  The Pulsar updates them into a more compact system and also includes three power levels 20fpe, 30fpe and 38fpe appear to be the finalized power settings for .22cal. The included factory shroud was designed to be very quiet, similar to the Huggett System that many Daystate shooters have opt'd for.  The first version released will be a  Special Edition model - Oro SE, which will include High Grade Walnut Stock, Match Trigger Blade and Gold Plated Gauge Plate with a price tag of  $2,995.00.  This will be a very limited production run and very few will make it state side.
    Actual production models will be Walnut or Laminate 
    Retail Price $2,699.00
    Jim Stanis holding the Walnut Version
    Tony Belas of Daystate holding the Laminate Version
     Greg demonstrates Brococks Contour XL G6 Green Special Edition. 
    Also available in black.
    Retails for  $699.00
    Includes Huggett Sound Suppression System.
    More information on this rifle and other Brococks to follow.

    Brocock Contour (top), Concept (second from top), Contour XL G6 (third from top), Brock Pistol/Grand Prix Elite

    Jim checks out Sightrons LR Series 10-50x60 30mm rifle scope
    The guys at Sightron are getting serious about air rifle field target.  They actually purchased a Steyr FT rifle from us some time ago, and have been focusing on building an FT specific scope.  This one defiantly fits the bill.  Available now.  Retail Price: $1,049.99  Yes, it includes the side wheel, illuminated dot with multiple aim points and rubber eye cup. 

    We look forward to more postings from the show tomorrow.