Thursday, January 22, 2009

AimX PCP Sport Pistol

Just got back from the Shot Show, and was excited to check out the NEW AimX PCP Sport Pistol. In brief I was not disappointed. Nice looking pistols, good fit and finish. I was worried gun was going to be hard to cock. Seeing the Knurled nut, I thought it would be similar to the old AirArms, where you had to turn counter clockwise, pull back, push to close and turn to lock, however, I was pleasantly surprise to see a small thumb release lever on the right side of the receiver. Push down the button and the bolt pops back with a few pounds of effort, push closed, and SHOOT! VERY NICE!!

In test firing a .177 pistol, using Wolverine (JSB) 8.4g gun is shooting around 750, 10.5fp:

Trigger pull out of box checked three times with Lyman Gauge results: 0.1oz, 15.9oz., and 0.2oz Now for the most important part, in my opinion, test firing for accuracy: Walk softly and carry a Big Scope I was always told, so testing was done with a NightForce 36x56, shot indoors at 23 yards, this is the first group I shot. No sizing, No lube, No adjusting trigger, No cleaning barrel. I was very happy with test group and this gun has some serious potential, especially with Pistol FT opening back in the states. I have not had time to tinker, but I understand hammer springs can be changed out to alter the power. Each gun comes with a stainless foster quick disconnect, as well as a BSP male to male connector nipple and one dowdy washer ($50.00 worth of add on components) At $495.00 these pistols are a real bargain. Avail. in .177 and .22 at this time. .22 shoot even hit a little harder. Perhaps, I'll have more time to check them out at a later date.
Got a chance to put a FAC spring in the .22cal version, the power went from 205fps with a JSB 14.3 to 580fps with a JSB 14.3 that is just under 11fp's...Kodiaks shot a little over 11fp's Trigger on this FAC .22 is breaking out of the box, non-adjusted at 14 oz. Spring swaps are a breeze. I really like these little pistols! I put a more traditional 2x pistol scope on this FAC .22 action and test fired it.