Friday, October 10, 2014

Daystate "Hi Lite" Air Wolf

Daystates innovative use of lighter weight carbon fiber bottles has been extremely beneficial for those looking for a lighter weight option in their favorite air rifle.  Although the Wolverine B's Hi Lite option features this bottle, other models Daystate models like the Air Wolf, currently do not, We were curious what my Air Wolf would feel like with the lighter weight 480cc bottle.  After performing the bottle swap, local avid airgunner -Mark Maher handled both guns and commented that taking a full pound off the weight of the rifle was a noticeable difference.

Notice how much happier Mark looks, without the stress of the added pound. The gun actually appears to be floating upward, no trick photography here :)

I have a squirrel outing scheduled for this weekend.  This will be one of the rifles I will be taking.  I'm anxious to see how the gun performs with the new style bottle.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Small Game Opening Day Here in Michigan with Rickey B

My favorite time of year - Fall, with my best hunting buddy - Rickey Broughton.  As many of you know from previous posts my good friend Rickey has been battling some serious health issues.  I was excited to get his call that he was up to and anxious to hit the woods for our traditional opening day of small game.

Spent a couple of hours in the woods, Rick with his Daystate Grey Shadow and I took my new Daystate MK4 .22cal  We didn't see many squirrels, but I like to believe that the squirrels saw us and were properly impressed with our blinged out air rifles.

I did spot and  bag one pesty little red squirrel with my MK4 - first kill with this rifle.  No big bag limits today, but more importantly, I was able to spend quality time with my friend.  Looking forward to our next hunt.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Daystate MK4 with Air Stream - Special Offer

We are proud to be offering a Special Version of the MK4. This rifle will offer all the great features of the MK4 in addition it will include  
an installed Air Stream ($125.00 value),
(1) ten shot magazine and  (1) Single Shot Tray

A Cost Savings of $327.00!

Final Price $1,795.00

I have fond memories of an earlier version of this rifle, as it was the first electronic rifle I ever had the chance to shoot.  After first firing, cocking back the bolt for a second shot, I made the mistake in assuming something had broken because there was no resistance in the cocking of the bolt at all.  The owner of the rifle chuckled and told me, this rifle is not like your other air rifles, there is no effort to cock the bolt, the bolt is strictly there to push the pellet into the rifle. Just cock and shoot and have a good time.  That is what I did then and what I have continued to do for many years now with the latest version of the MK4.

 Daystate continues to offer state of the art rifles in the PCP world.  I like to think of  the MK4 as a junior Air Wolf, as it has all of the Daystate MCT Air Wolf features, but in a shorter, lighter package

 The MK4 rifles I test fired were shooting slightly above Daystate facory specification.  In .177cal was shooting JSB 10.4g @ 940fps - 20.4fpe on high power and 823fps - 15.6fpe on low power. In .22cal was shooting JSB 18G @885fps - 31.3fpe on high power and 766fps - 23.7 on low power.
Overall Length: 36.5 inches
Weight: 7lbs 14oz.
Barrel Length (High Power): 17 inches
Calibers Available: .177 & .22
Safety: Manual, electronic rotary lever with keyswitch isolator
Capacity: 10 Shot Magazine or Single Shot Tray
Fill Pressure: 3335 psi
Air Capacity: 144cc

As a final perk in this package we are including  a $25.00
Store Credit to be used towards additional product any future purchase from Precision Airguns. Store Credit may not be used toward the cost/purchase of the Daystate MK4.

Ask how to receive an additional 2% discount when placing your order by telephone.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What New for July

 We are very excited at the arrival of new products we have to offer you.
We have in stock the Kaliber Cricket Rifles in .22cal and .25cal in skeleton stocks.

The .22cal (top rifle) measures 42"
Shooting right around 34fpe
Includes (2) Fourteen Shot Magazines
The.25cal (bottom rifle) measures 45"
Shooting right around 45fpe
Includes (2) Twelve Shot Magazines
Both guns come with factory muzzle breaks
 that allow for back yard friendly shooting
$1,495.00 While Supplies Last

 The Cricket Rifle typically weights in at 7.46 lbs

 The Cricket Bullpup typically weights in at 8.44 lbs

Ambi Version
The FAS 6004M and FAS 6004S Pistols
Single Shot PCP 
7.5" Carbon Steel Barrel
Single, Fully Adjustabale Trigger System
Trigger Weight: .9lb
Grip: Walnut: Standard Version: Ambidextrous
Match Version: Adjustable
Rear Site: Steel, adjustable in elevation and windage
Velocity: 370 ft/ps (approx)
Weight: from 2lbs
Total Length: 11"

Very Impressive feel and build quality
      FAS 6004 
Target Grip: $539.00
 Ambi Grip: $389.00
Target Grip

  • FX No-Limit Mounts - 1 Inch and 30mm
  • Easily Adjustable for Height and Angle
  • Solid Locking Design
  • Adjustable Height 0.170 Inches
  • Adjustable Angle +/- 1.5 Degrees

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Daystate Wolverine C and Daystate Hi Lite

 New Daystate Models arrived at the shop this week
Daystate, building on the success of the new Wolverine mono-block breech system has developed the new C model. Daystate replaced the bottle with a 300cc air cylinder and added a tactical sleeve made from PA66 ballistic polymer. This tactical sleeve incorporates a Picatinny rail for bipod and accessory mounting. The C model shares the same Lothar-Walther match grade barrel, Turkish walnut Italian stock and adjustable trigger as its Wolverine stable mates. The ten shot magazine and bolt action cocking and loading are over-built for smooth function and prevent double loading. The new Wolverine C is a great addition to any shooters battery of high end, precision pcp air riflesSpecifications:
Overall Length: 44.75 inches
Barrel Length: 17 inches
Calibers Available: .177 or .22cal
Magazine Capacity: 10 Shot
Air Capacity: 300cc
Shots Per Fill: 35
Weight: 7.85lbs
Safety: Bolt-open Mechanical
Action Finish: Satin
Brain Miller from Illinois drove up to pay us a visit and was able

 to check out the new Daystate Wolverine C Model.

Mark Maher displays Daystates New Wolverine B HiLite

Wolverine B HiLIte:
Weight: 7lbs 44oz.
Length: 44.75 inches
Carbon Fiber Bottle

 Mark takes a break from using his Daystate .25cal Air Wolf Extreme and gives the FX Royale 400 Bench Rest Model a shot.
 Great Rifles - Nice Weather - Great Shooting

Daystate has long been a leader in top end, precharge air rifles. Over engineered for long service life and customer satisfaction is a tradition that the masters at Daystate will not deviate from. Without sacrificing quality or elegance Daystate presents the new Wolverine 303 Hi Lite. This new high power, long range air rifle gives maximum performance with the new Carbon Fiber bottle air supply reservoir. We have tested this rifle at 103 ft/lbs with 17 very accurate and consistent shots per fill and 3 more in reserve if needed. The Carbon Fiber bottles helps in weight as well. The Hi Lite tips the scale at a mere 7.5 lbs, which includes a Huggett sound suppressor as standard and makes the 303 a whisper on report. The Italian made stock is gracefully contoured to accentuate the lines of the air bottle as well as provide a very comfortable and stable hold when shouldered. The high grade walnut is stippled in key areas for grip and aesthetics. The Minnelli made stock has been crafted for both right and left hand shooters with a thumb up or through position that gives the shooter the best chance for proper trigger control. The trigger is a two stage adjustable match quality unit that will please the most discerning shooter. The Daystate Wolverine 303 Hi Lite sports all the sophistication of the original 303 with the added benefit of more high power shots per fill and much less weight to carry in the field. Sometimes less is more.
Overall Length: 50 inches
Barrel Length: 23 inches
Calibers Available: .303
Magazine Capacity: 5 shot
Air Capacity: 480cc
Shots Per Fill: 17-20
Weight: 7.5lbs
Safety: Bolt open, mechanical
Action Finish: Satin
Scope and Rings Not Included

Friday, May 23, 2014

Informal Bench Rest Event 5/22/14

Precision Airguns hosted an informal 50 yard Bench Rest Event on Thursday May 22, 2014.  Giving the strong and variable winds that were present the guys voted to shoot a round of 25 yard bench rest first.

As usual always a good time that flew past quickly.  After a dinner break of sub sandwichs, potato salad and munchies a couple of shooters needed to leave which left three of us to battle the wind for the 50 yard challenge.

It was a pack of Wolves as all three of us were shooting our Daystate Air Wolfs.  No fancy rests, just front and back bags.  Many creative comments were strongly expressed while shooting the next three cards.  Just keeping the pellets in a score able section was a challenge.  The 10's and better yet 10x's were far and few between but extremely gratifying when they appeared on paper.  

Thank you to everyone that came out.  Thank you to Mark M. and Dave L. who stayed late and helped with the scoring and clean up.

25 Yard
Jim Stanis - RAW BM500 .22cal 30fpe- 728/29X
Dave Goldstein - Steyr LG110 .22cal 30fpe - 723/13X
Ryan Parks - Steyr LG110 .177cal (12fpe) - 719/12X
Dave L. - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal 37fpe - 696/9X
Mark Maher - Steyr LG110 .22cal 20fpe - 696/6X 

50 Yard
Jim Stanis - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal - 657/10X
Mark Maher - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal - 634/10X
Dave L. - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal - 589/12X

Monday, April 28, 2014

Shooting Event April 26, 2014

Michigan's unpredictable weather caused us to move our Postal Bench Rest Competition indoors on Saturday April 26, 2014.  Actually worked in our favor, as the indoor ranged  with zero wind allows us to bring out the accuracy these rifles truly have, however we were not able to shoot a sanctioned Postal Event.  Postal Bench Rest Competitions are required to be shot at 75' and the indoor range only allows for 50'.  Just a year ago, we were excited to see a fellow shooter obtain a 250 card. These days with top notch rifles like Steyr, FX, Daystate and RAW, 250 cards have become more of the norm,
with high X counts becoming the new challenge.

Shawn shooting his RAW TM1000
Jim shooting Steyr LG110 stock out of the box
Mark shooting Steyr LG110
 Ryan shooting Steyr LG110
 Rod Parks was our recent shop record holder shooting a 250 with 22X.  For those who follow my blog, you will notice that I like to shoot a different brand/model for each event.  This Saturday I chose a new 2014 model Steyr LG110 FT 24J/18FPE with the new Kahles K1050 Scope.  Shooting JSB 8.4 right out of the tin.  This turned out to be a winning combination for me.  It actually set a new club record of a 250 with 25X - it doesn't get any better than that.  I believe the 50X magnification of Kahles really helped achieve the precision necessary to zero in on these pin size targets.

1st Place: Jim Stanis  250 22X, 250 21X, 250 25X = 750 68X
2nd Place: Mark Maher  250 16x, 250 20X, 250 16X = 750 52X
3rd Place: Ryan Parks  25017X, 250 16X, 250 9X = 750 42X
4th Place: Rod Parks  250 17X, 249 14X, 250 16X = 749 47X
Rod switched on his last card to a .22cal Lother Walther barrel that he had machined to fit his Steyr
5th Place: Shawn Henn  250 14X, 248 13X
Shawn was not able to finish as he was called away early

Shawn and Mark were playing with their higher powered .25cal sporters, having a shot count competition.  Both the Daystate Air Wolf Extreme and Regulated FX Royale 500 have proven to be capable of 90 -100 shots at 40+FPE.

Top: Daystate Air Wolf Extreme
Bottom: FX Royale 500 Reg'd
Thank's to Shawn's pulled pork and Dave's bundt cake,
these have become the shooters favorites at the events.

The day continues with a random Fun Shoot Event.  This week it was decided to use our bench rest guns from the shoulder - off hand.  This was challenging due to the fact that these guns are not designed for off hand shooting. You will notice some rifles do not offer rear stock assemblies attached.  To make these more difficult/fun? the target was a very small rifle primer.  Some decent groups were fired at the 50' range, however only one shooter Ryan hit one of the primers and took home the $10.00 cash prize. Good Shooting Ryan!  Mark Maher built the metal back stop that held the primers.

Mark Maher
Ryan Parks

  Shaw working on fine tuning his FX Royale 500 Regulator

Shoot Safe - Shoot for Fun - Shoot An Airgun
Jim Stanis

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Squirrel Hunting with a FX Royale 400

This years Michigan winter was one of the most severe winters we have seen in a long time.  Just being able to take a walk outside this past weekend was a joyous occasion. The first time I was able to fire an airgun outdoors in 3 months!  Apparently a couple of  pesty little barn marauding red squirrels had the same idea.  One of my favorite squirrel guns, my FX Royale 400 and a couple of JSB 18G's lead for a quick double tap and an end to these pesty little creatures fun in the sun.  With the weather breaking here and the option to actually be able to walk outdoors, look out guys, there is a new sheriff in town and he is looking to more sun and fun shooting.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vortek TX200 Installation

Tom Gore from Vortek visited the shop, showing some of Vorteks new kits.  

 We took advantage of his visit and installed a 12fpe kit in a Nice Walnut Stocked .177cal TX200.

Factory Receiver with factory spring 

Factory Spring (top)
Vortek Kit with O Ring (bottom)

Factory piston with seal

Factory piston with Vortek O Ring conversion

Vortek Duel Guide system does a great job of absorbing unwanted vibration
 and providing a smooth shot cycle

Final assembly complete

Vortek 12fpe with O Ring kit shot JSB 7.9's @ 875fps = 13.4fpe
Not only does this TX have amazing shooting potentional
The stock is amazing also

Thanks Tom, it is always a pleasure when you come by the shop.
Keep up the good work