Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nice Rack

When I say Nice Rack, I'm not talking about Santa's Reindeer or the Buck I didn't get this season or anything else you guys might be thinking.  I am talking about the Beautiful shipment of Theobens that just arrived!  What a great choice for the New Year, be sure and consider Theobens Rapids.

For those of you not familiar with Thoeben, they are considered to be one of the best all around sporter pcp's built.  One of my favorites because of their tried and true, simple and robust design.

The Rapids received their name based on their quick cycling,  bolt action which operates a 12 shot magazine.  They can also be easily single loaded through the side of the scalloped receiver.  Rapid MKII's are available regulated and non-regulated.  Non-reg'd guns have capabilities of producing slightly higher power.  Regulated guns provide a longer, more consistent shot count.

Sporter Walnut Right Hand Stock is standard, CS800 Right Hand Walnut Thumbhole is offered as an upgrade.  All rifles in this shipment feature factory quick fill and gauge.  A very slick set up that includes a threaded on dust cap that sits recessed in forearm of stock.

Standard 400cc bottle can be upgraded to a 500cc bottle for an additional $20.00 when purchasing as a factory option rifle.

.22cal & .25cal available
Engery Levels vary between 30 ft/lb - 50 ft/lb
Pricing starts at $1,859.00 with factory quick fill and gauge
$1,934.00 with regulated factory quick fill and gauge
$2,190.00 CS800 with quick fill and gauge
$2,265.00 CS800 with regulated quick fill and gauge

January 5, 2012 - Indoor Airgun Bench Rest

Join us on Thursday, January 5, 2012 for an Indoor Airgun Bench Rest.  Just for Fun  We will be using Official 25 yard Airgun Bench Rest Targets and shooting at 50 feet.  Any airgun rifle or  pistol, scoped or non-scoped.  Maximum 30 ft/lb.  $5.00 covers targets and range fees.  5:00pm - 9:00pm  Please call 248-969-0377 to reserve you spot.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Local Customer Receives Award

On December 3, at the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) Lodge #130 in Oakland County. The lodge held their annual installation dinner.  Our local customer and friend Dave Lovio received an award of Special Recognition.

 Dave is a member of FOP Lodge #112 in Macomb County. "To receive this from a lodge other than my own is really a great honor," said Lovio, who does building improvements for both lodges and came to #130 for help with Katrina relief.

David Lovio - Shown first person, top left row

"We had a drive for clothing, food, furniture -- anything that someone who has lost everything could use," Lovio said. The Louisiana State University grad missed watching the LSU football game to accept his award. "LSU won and so did I," he said.
Congratulations Dave!
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

TM1000 by Rapid Air Weapons

Rapid Air Weapons TM1000 has arrived.
The highly anticipated Target PCP from Rapid Air Weapons arrived late last evening.  It was almost 10:30pm before I had some time to test fire the new TM1000. In a few words "It did not disappoint".  Rifle has a very solid feel to it.  Easy side lever cocking. The aluminum parts have a light grey anodizing.  The barrel sleeve is bead blasted stainless steel.  The Walnut Thumbhole stock has a grip area and feel that is reminiscent of Theobens Vanquish Stock.  The end air cap that covers the fill nipple is threaded on as opposed to snap on, snap off, and works very well.  The top of the receiver has a standard dove tail, along with three larger than average barrel screws to hold the barrel securely in place.
Factory .177cal barrel - in doors shy 25 yards
                                                    All four groups, 5 shot groups

Standard Theoben Barrel shown on top
Factory TM1000 barrel shown on bottom
 Caliber changes are as simple as loosening the three screws, removing barrel and replacing it with the caliber of your choice.  No need to change anything on the bolt assembly. Looks like any Theoben Rapid barrel should fit on this action.  
In the time it took me to talk about it, the change was completed.

 Install .22cal barrel, Using the rickety bag set up below
 I fired one 5 shot group @ 60 yards, which can be covered with a dime.
Yes, that's 60 yards...
 Some wind and the usual window mirage.

Rifle came in shooting at a full 20 ft/lbs in .177cal. After barrel swap of Theoben .22cal Rapid barrel, gun is shooting at 25 ft/lbs.
Trigger came out of the box shooting at 4oz.
JSB 10.2 in .177cal
JSB 18g in .22cal

TM1000 with Factory Muzzel Break permanently bonded to gun. (Optional
The all new TM1000 Side Lever Target Rifle
Designed and built using the latest in Computer engineering 
at Rapid Air Weapons factory in Tennessee

Side Lever Action
Dovetail mount rail
Weight: 10lbs unscoped (long barrel for HV)
80 Regulated Shots @ 19.5 ft/lbs in .177cal
40 Regulated shots @ 30 ft/lbs in .22cal
180cc bottle capacity with Quick Fill
Foster style female coupling included
10" long accessory rail underneath forend
Adjustable Recoil pad
Adjustable cheek mechanism