Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daystate Pulsar

We have had Pulsars go in and out of the shop, however, this is the first time I've been able to spend some time with one. Awesome little rifle, excuse me, bullpup, mini air wolf, whatever designation you choose to give it, it is definitely one of the most sophisticated compact air rifles produced.  The customer of this rifle requested scope mounting and test firing.  It only required a few shots to zero it on the indoor range.

I then jumped outdoors to see how it would shoot at 50 yards. No flags were set up and I paid no attention to the angled head wind I was shooting into. Just shot two quick 5 shot groups off of a couple of sand bags.  I was more than satisfied with the results I'm sure a more patient shooter in a windless condition could easily improve on these groups.

I was shooting JSB 18.2G @915fps 

The standard factory shroud does a very good job of moderating the sound.  However this customer requested an optional Hugget System which is easily adaptable to the Pulsar.

 50 yards still a good poke for an airgun

I look forward to setting up a demo gun for the shop, which will allow me to experiment with the various power settings and dial in the built in laser.