Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just like the old days, Airgun Shooters from the mid-80's get together. Rich Caughlin, Jim Stanis, & Rickey Broughton, some of the early Pioneers in the Michigan Airgun Scene.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun on the Range

Tuesday May 4th was another Great Day on Range except for the darn wind... A variety Daystates, Theobens, even a Theoben Pistol made by Rickey B. made their Best Impressions

.25cal Marauder Review
Another Satisfied Customer - Jim came by yesterday and picked up his .25cal MRod and this morning we received this email from him
"I was actually able to shoot about 40-50 rounds worth JSBs after the storm passed tonight. It was completely calm… no wind.

I had it Zeroed for 30yds in less than the first 8 rounds….I topped it off and moved the trap to 50 yds …. See photosI shot the air gun silhouettes at 50 yds .. Three full clips before POI changed .. Not one miss.Moved the target to 75 yds ….. See photosThen shot the silhouettes at 75 yds until I couldn’t see the crosshairs anymore.I only missed 2 times with the remaining 19 rounds (after shooting a 5 shot group)

My Dad was so impressed that he has asked me to list two of his air guns so he can get one of these…I’m going back up tomorrow to wring it out some more. Not sure why there was one flier in each of the5 shot groups … However, each of the fliers were the FIRST round after topping off at 3000psi.

Thanks again for putting this together for me so fast. Really appreciated.Jim Summers"

Got one of the Daystates BuckMasters in the shop today. Very Nice Looking Rifle The Buckmaster will be exclusively limited to just 100 rifles.The new Special Edition rifle has been hand-finished utilising Italian craftsmanship using the shotgun connections that are now available to Daystate through its tie-up with Marocchi shotguns, the first time Daystate has managed to incorporate the benefits of new Italian design methods. The rifle shares the same engraving team as Marocchi shotguns, and has undoubtedly benefited from the breathtaking stock by Minelli