Friday, May 23, 2014

Informal Bench Rest Event 5/22/14

Precision Airguns hosted an informal 50 yard Bench Rest Event on Thursday May 22, 2014.  Giving the strong and variable winds that were present the guys voted to shoot a round of 25 yard bench rest first.

As usual always a good time that flew past quickly.  After a dinner break of sub sandwichs, potato salad and munchies a couple of shooters needed to leave which left three of us to battle the wind for the 50 yard challenge.

It was a pack of Wolves as all three of us were shooting our Daystate Air Wolfs.  No fancy rests, just front and back bags.  Many creative comments were strongly expressed while shooting the next three cards.  Just keeping the pellets in a score able section was a challenge.  The 10's and better yet 10x's were far and few between but extremely gratifying when they appeared on paper.  

Thank you to everyone that came out.  Thank you to Mark M. and Dave L. who stayed late and helped with the scoring and clean up.

25 Yard
Jim Stanis - RAW BM500 .22cal 30fpe- 728/29X
Dave Goldstein - Steyr LG110 .22cal 30fpe - 723/13X
Ryan Parks - Steyr LG110 .177cal (12fpe) - 719/12X
Dave L. - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal 37fpe - 696/9X
Mark Maher - Steyr LG110 .22cal 20fpe - 696/6X 

50 Yard
Jim Stanis - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal - 657/10X
Mark Maher - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal - 634/10X
Dave L. - Daystate Air Wolf .22cal - 589/12X