Friday, August 26, 2011

Reg'd Royale 400 Test

Had a free evening so I decided to scope and test one of the new Royale 400's with Regulator and 3 Stag Power Adjuster. Gun is totoally stock,  out of the box, not even a  trigger adjustment, which is crisp, but a little heavier than I like it.  Installed my basic 3-9x50 site in Leapers scope - Base Line Scope I know, for this quality of rifle but seems to get the job done.  Started shooting at 50 yards, winds were rapidly dieing down, began with lubed 16g JSB pellets, like everyone else these days I'm low on 18g  JSB's so I decided to conserve all I could for site in purposes.  Got away from the lubed 16g pellets and went directly  to 18g JSB non-lubed.  Shot two groups,  both were half the size of a dime @ 50 yards.  Again this is me with a single bag and a 9X scope. 

Went inside the shop to check the energy levels and consistency of the three powers.  I simply hold the gun and shoot it over the crony, approximately 20" from the front of the screen.  No height or distance rest points so there can be some variations based on hold.   

High Power - String for 10 Shots: -  JSB Weighting in at 18.2  Averaging 30.8 ft/lb

876.4, 877.7, 877.0, 870.6, 859.1, 869.1, 873.3, 873.0, 872.2, error reading, 862.9

Mid Power - 5 Shot String - JSB Weighting in at 18.2  Averaging 18.4 ft/lb
675.1, 670.9, 675.5, 675.6, 676.4

Low Power - 5 Shot String - JSB Weighting in at 18.2 Averaging 11.35 ft/lb
530.4, 528.9, 528.1, 531.7, 532.2 

Numbers on medium and even low power seem very consistent, and was I very curious how pellets would fly at these lower velocities, so back out to the range, clam conditions brought in the Michigan mosquitoes, fired one group medium and one group at low power.  33 yards single loading, firing fairly quickly to avoid the those little vampires. The sub 12 ft/lb group was a nice little one holer with one shot pulled.  I'm confidant I could have shot a better mid power group had I continued shooting.   Bottom line, the improved version of the Royale 400 offers the shooter more versatility for the various wants, needs and desires of today's Airgunner.  Lower Power should produce 300+ shots, High Power should produce 90+ full power shots.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Daystate Panther Gets A Hug

Some days I just Love my job.  This week I had the chance to installed the Huggett System on a .22cal Daystate Panther..  I'm Very Impressed, it is very quiet even on High Power. Going to a good customer out of the country, and he requested that I fire a few test shots to ensure everything was up to par.   Nice shot cycle and flat trigger blade, really felt nice on the finger.  It was a pleasure to shoot this gun. 

 Gusty winds were prevalent, so I fired one group at 20 yars, but after such a good group at 20 yards, I decided to try one at 50 yards.  Lost count 11-12 shots majority still under dime. Two power settings: 20 ft/lb and 28 ft/lbs with JSB 18g pellets.  Great Shooting Rifle!

Daystate Panther: $2,646.00
Huggett System** $350.00 with Daystate purchase

$375.00 when installed on your Air Rifle

Must be permanently installed on air rifle at our shop

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

HW98 and HW77 receive Vortek KIt Install

Tom Gore owner of Vortek Products came by the shop recently.  While Tom was here, I tuned and installed a Vortek Kit into a customers HW98 .22cal.  Before install,  out of box gun was shooting 650 w/JSB 14.3, after install, gun shot at 725 w/JSB 14.3  Naturally the twang and vibration is gone.  Gun now has the typical all bang and no twang that I have found to be customary with the Vortek Kits.

Scoped my personal HW77 then Tom and I spent some time on the range.  This old HW77 has always been a great shooter, but now it's even better.  The transfer port was opened years ago, I don't remember how much.  We used Tom's Vortek Kit with the newer 25mm VAC Seal.  With the larger port opening Tom suggested a smaller gauge 120 wire he is using in some of his kits.  I'd say it was a good call, gun appears to have amazingly quick lock time.  Still shoots with good energy @ 870 fpe with a JSB 8.4 pellet, which equates to about 13.5 ft/lbs.  I would have been happy to achieve just 12 ft/lbs. I was really looking for smooth shooting and accuracy, and the HW77 did not disappoint.  Gun can be laid on a bag, held as light as possible and shoots consistently, it had the same point of impact for both Tom and myself.  Shot this group later in the day when the winds had calmed down.  50 yard group.  Not Bad for a springer with a 9x scope.