Monday, April 28, 2014

Shooting Event April 26, 2014

Michigan's unpredictable weather caused us to move our Postal Bench Rest Competition indoors on Saturday April 26, 2014.  Actually worked in our favor, as the indoor ranged  with zero wind allows us to bring out the accuracy these rifles truly have, however we were not able to shoot a sanctioned Postal Event.  Postal Bench Rest Competitions are required to be shot at 75' and the indoor range only allows for 50'.  Just a year ago, we were excited to see a fellow shooter obtain a 250 card. These days with top notch rifles like Steyr, FX, Daystate and RAW, 250 cards have become more of the norm,
with high X counts becoming the new challenge.

Shawn shooting his RAW TM1000
Jim shooting Steyr LG110 stock out of the box
Mark shooting Steyr LG110
 Ryan shooting Steyr LG110
 Rod Parks was our recent shop record holder shooting a 250 with 22X.  For those who follow my blog, you will notice that I like to shoot a different brand/model for each event.  This Saturday I chose a new 2014 model Steyr LG110 FT 24J/18FPE with the new Kahles K1050 Scope.  Shooting JSB 8.4 right out of the tin.  This turned out to be a winning combination for me.  It actually set a new club record of a 250 with 25X - it doesn't get any better than that.  I believe the 50X magnification of Kahles really helped achieve the precision necessary to zero in on these pin size targets.

1st Place: Jim Stanis  250 22X, 250 21X, 250 25X = 750 68X
2nd Place: Mark Maher  250 16x, 250 20X, 250 16X = 750 52X
3rd Place: Ryan Parks  25017X, 250 16X, 250 9X = 750 42X
4th Place: Rod Parks  250 17X, 249 14X, 250 16X = 749 47X
Rod switched on his last card to a .22cal Lother Walther barrel that he had machined to fit his Steyr
5th Place: Shawn Henn  250 14X, 248 13X
Shawn was not able to finish as he was called away early

Shawn and Mark were playing with their higher powered .25cal sporters, having a shot count competition.  Both the Daystate Air Wolf Extreme and Regulated FX Royale 500 have proven to be capable of 90 -100 shots at 40+FPE.

Top: Daystate Air Wolf Extreme
Bottom: FX Royale 500 Reg'd
Thank's to Shawn's pulled pork and Dave's bundt cake,
these have become the shooters favorites at the events.

The day continues with a random Fun Shoot Event.  This week it was decided to use our bench rest guns from the shoulder - off hand.  This was challenging due to the fact that these guns are not designed for off hand shooting. You will notice some rifles do not offer rear stock assemblies attached.  To make these more difficult/fun? the target was a very small rifle primer.  Some decent groups were fired at the 50' range, however only one shooter Ryan hit one of the primers and took home the $10.00 cash prize. Good Shooting Ryan!  Mark Maher built the metal back stop that held the primers.

Mark Maher
Ryan Parks

  Shaw working on fine tuning his FX Royale 500 Regulator

Shoot Safe - Shoot for Fun - Shoot An Airgun
Jim Stanis