Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Day at the 2012 Shot Show

Exciting News from the 2012 Shot Show.  The show opens today with a lot of ground to cover, but here are some of our baseline findings. Daystate was our first stop.  The exciting news is the release of Daystates new Wolverine.
This is going to be Daystates New Premium platform for many of the future Daystate Rifles.  With an overall weight of 7.5 lbs, Gary Cane inspired ambi stock, 400 cc light weight bottle, one piece aluminum receiver, totally new trigger design, pneumatic magazine cycling, 23" fully shrouded barrel.  First Addition will be available in a .30caliber actually .303 to be precise, approximately 104 ft/lbs with 20 shots before refilling.   Other calibers will be available later in the production year.  Pricing not available at the time, this will be Daystates Premium Line, I'm guessing the price tag will be at or slightly above the current Air Wolf pricing.

Future Daystate Huntsmans will feature as standard, very lustrous premium hand rubbed oil finished stocks.

Daystate's  Grey Shadow - One of Daystates most Special Limited Production guns yet.  Based on the popular Air Wolf, this rifle features titanium and gold finishing with some very special Italian engraving.  The stock comes out of Miland Studio on Minelli Spa, and it self is a master piece of Italian craftsmanship.

Daystate's Stefano Gervasoni proudly displays the New Wolverine.

It was nice to bump into Pavel Kolebac the owner of JSB Pellets. Other than keeping current JSB quality production lines moving,
Pavel is finalizing the spec's of the new JSB .30cal pellet.

FX is never one to rest on their laurels, here is a picture of their new Royale Elite.

 Notice the four splad barrel retaining screws, which allows for quick and easy caliber chances.  No need to change the loading probe or bolt as all air comes directly from rear bolt assembly.  Power levels are the same as the Royale 400 and Royale 500 basically 30+ ft/lb and 44+ ft/lb.  
Higher power levels and Reg'd Versions are in the works.


Another new find was an FX Verminator, using a Royale 400 action, a variety of barrel configuations ranging from shrouded basic calibers to one that shoots arrows style bolts. More to come at a latter date.  Estimated price for the entire package $2,000.00 


Brad at Hawke Optics demo's a few new products for us.  The Panorama's have 4 new models, featuring 3-9x40, 3-9x50, 4-12x40 and 4-12x50, all featuring 1/2 mill dot, IR as well as adjustable objectives down to 15 yards.  Prices will range from $179.00 - $219.00 Look for additional information on our website when we receive them in stock.  

Other new items we saw were a windage adjustable one piece mount as well as a flash light lazer combination which fits 1" or 30mm tubes.  

Windage Adjustable Mount - Price Range $53.00 for the 1" and  $62.00 for the 30mm

Some nice targets, not available at this time, but hopefully will be in the future. Great for informal FT shoots, no need to put up lines or the need to re set, targets have a cartridge that hold 20 biodegradeable chalk disks, and automatically reset once disk is shot out of target.  Lets hope they make it to production.

Airs Arms Booth - Featured their Classic High Quality products.

That concludes our first day.
Jim and Nancy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January Squirrel Hunt

Dave and his Big Bad Daystate Air Wolf  shows me how he made  his 65 yard squirrel head shot. We couldn't believe the weather- January 8th in Michigan. 38*, Sunny and light wind.  He actually missed his first shot.  Dave carries a range finder, so he knew the exact range.  He did however, fail to give any allowance for the cross wind.  The squirrel who had it's head sticking out of a hole in the tree, pulled back into the tree, but shortly after, stuck his head out of the tree once again.  This time Dave held for the wind, perfect hit right behind the ear.  Popped the squirrel right out of the hole.

Slim Jim borrows Dave's Air Wolf for a shot
I was close behind with a 62 yard one shot using my FX Royale 400 .22cal, and at that range I actually saw the squirrel roll off the limb a fraction of a second later I heard the loud audible "whoap" of a well placed head shot.  I also used my Rapid MKII .25cal set up at 35 ft/lbs with JSB's.  made a 54 yard head shot on a Big Grey, Amazing, hit right where I was aiming, right behind the eye, fell just like a field target at a competition.  Just rolled out of the tree, he never knew what hit him. Most shots were taken between 40 - 55 yards.  These are awesome squirrel woods, first time we hunted them.  Sure pays to know your aim points at longer ranges.

Early January and we Limited out

Squirrel Hunting with an Air Rifle
doesn't get any better than this!  
Sure beats shoveling snow in January


Friday, January 6, 2012

January 5, 2012 Indoor Bench Rest

Thursday January 5, 2012 Precision Airguns held their first indoor Bench Rest Competition of the year.  A great group of people attended, and it was wonderful to see how well they shot using a variety of rifles and pistols.  We also had two youth shooters, which is always great to see our sport continue to the next generation.  Emphasis was on fun shooting at 50 feet, with a variety of air rifles. Yours truly only had time to shoot his first card. (using my squirrel rig, FX Royale 400 and  3-9 Leupold)  Shot a 250/11X.

Since this Bench Rest was just for fun, many of the participate played with more than one model of gun when shooting their three targets.  Here are just some of rifles that were used.

Perfect Score would be 750
Here is how are
Rick McKean       748/19X        Steyr .177
Mike Freeman      745/19X        CZ200 .177
Rick Broughton    744/10X       Steyr Hunter ,22
Jim Hutchenson    744/9X         Air Arms S500 .177
Dave Goldstein     739/4X         Daystate Huntsman .22
Steve Keigley        735/3X         FX Royale 500 .25
Mike S Freeman    729/10X       CZ200 .177 & FX Royale 400 .22
Jerry Knapp          725/9X         Daystate/Steyr  .177 & .22
Lauren Goldstein   671/6X        FX Whisper .22 & Daystate Hunstman .22
Jacob Goldstein     603/2X        Marauder Pistol
Jim Stanis              250/11X      FX Royale 400 .22 (DNF)
Gary Humphry       246/2X        FX Royale 500 (DNF)

To view all the pictures from the nights event.  Click Here

Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Shooting with JSB's

We hope you enjoyed your Holidays.  With unusually nice weather here in Michigan, fairly clam with a light mist of rain and very light winds.  I wanted to fire a couple of groups to test out the new shipment of JSB 18 grains .22cal.  
Royale 400 on the Left, Theoben Rapid on Right
5 Shot Groups
First group shot with my tried and true Royale 400 with smooth twist barrel.
Second group with my out of the box Theoben MKII.

Shot only one group with each rifle, @ 50 yards,  with 9x Leupold and Weaver Scopes.

Both groups basically dime size or better.

Here is a group I shot with the FX Gladiator with 12x Busy Trophy XLT

Now time my Daystate Air Wolf
Rifle was left on high power, unbeknownst to me after demonstrating to a customer, found out it shoots good at high power also. I believe this was 6 shots.  

 So I decided to push it out to 60 yards
The rain got a little heavier, and the winds picked up.
Still very happy with the groups
High Power and Low Power Air Wolf Groups

Theoben Rapid MKII
Shooting @ 30 ft/lb with JSB 18g9x Scope
Thrilled that the snow wasn't blowing in December, It was nice to get outside and let the airguns stretch their legs a little bit.  60 yards 10 shot dime size groups, shows the JSB's are still the Hot Ticket!