Friday, February 7, 2014

Cricket Special Offer - $50.00 in Free Product

CRICKET SPECIAL: Receive $50.00 in store credit
 for Optics or Accessories/Product in our Shop
 with the purchase of  one of these Crickets

Daystate Limited Edition - Boxall & Edmiston

Daystates Limited Edition - Boxall & Edmiston
Very attractive rifle, includes classic leather sling,
walnut stock with custom detailing and Huggett System
Only one available
.22cal - 30FPE - $3,195.00

New HM Styles for 2014 from Rapid Air Weapons

New HM Styles for 2014
Grade 3 Walnut or Laminate Stock
400cc Bottle, 19" Barrel
44 1/4" long, 9 lbs weight
Regulated, "V" Quick Fill and Gauge
Long Carbon Fibre Sound Reducer
Tests done with .22cal giving 28FPE with 21g pellets

Laminate Stock with Adjustable cheek
400cc Bottle, 24" Barrel
46 1/2" long, 9.75 lbs weight
Regulated, "V" Quick Fill with Gauge
Long Aluminum Sound Reducer

Daystate Air Wolf MCT High Power

Mark Maher adds a unique air rifle to his collection.
  A Daystate .25cal Air Wolf  MCT High Power
This rifle has all of the amenities of the Air Wolf MCT with a longer more efficient barrel, giving 45 - 50 FPE

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pulsar Digisight N770 Digital Night Vision RifleScope - Day Time, Dusk, Total Darkness

The new Pulsar Digisight N770 Digital Night Vision Riflescope $1,649.00

All the features of the N750 with new enhanced non visible IR illumination for ultimate in night hunting.  As with all Digi Sights this scope can be used during the day time, dusk and total darkness.  No down time.

Digital night vision riflescope Digisight N770 is designed for observation and shooting in twilight and in the nighttime. The riflescope uses a highly sensitive CCD array (with a range of operation illumination 0.00001 - 30000 lux); the image transmitted to the high resolution display OLED (640x480 pixels) is contrasting, crisp and saturated. Thanks to the OLED display, the riflescope can be used within a wide temperature range from -20 °С to +50 °С.
The Digisight N750 is a multifunctional device featuring a number of essential options for modern hunting. The screen displays information on operation status (running time, low battery indicator, active function etc.). The menu has additional functions for image settings: gradual brightness and contrast adjustment, SumLight™ signal processing program. The SumLight™ program automatically increases CCD array sensitivity under low light conditions.

  • Generation Digital
  • Magnification, x 4.5 / 6.75 (zoom)
  • Objective lens 50 mm, F/ 1.0
  • Field of view, degree (at 100m distance) 5 (on 4.5x) / 3.25 (on 7x)
  • Eye relief, mm 67
  • Exit pupil, mm 6
  • Resolution, lines/mm ≥ 55
  • Max. range of detection, m* 600
  • Eyepiece diopter adjustment, D - 5 … + 3
  • Close-up distance, m 5.5
  • CCD array characteristics:
  • Type of CCD array ICX659AL
  • Resolution, pixel 752(Н)x582(V)
  • Output video signal standard PAL / NTSC
  • Display characteristics:
  • Resolution, pixel VGA 640x480
  • Display diagonal, inch 0.31
  • Operational characteristics:
  • Operating voltage 6 (4 AA rechargeable batteries)
  • External power supply / consumption power DC 9 ... 15V / 3W
  • Degree of protection, IP code (IEC 60529) IP44
  • Operating temperature, °C -20...+50
  • Operation time with one set of rechargeable batteries (built-in IR off/on), hour 4 / 3.5
  • Dimensions, mm 340x95x94
  • Weight, kg 1

* - Max. detection range of an object measuring 1.7x0.5 m in natural night conditions (0.05 lux, quarter moon).

Pulsar EPS3 Battery Pack
Rechargeable Li-Pol Battery Packs EPS5 is designed to power Pulsar and Yukon digital devices, thermal images and night vision riflescopes. Battery Packs can be used with such devices as Digisight N550, Ranger 5x42, Recon series and other equipment outfitted with an external power supply. 

The EPS5 features a high capacity which significantly-up to 20 hours-increases self-contained operation of external equipment. A 100cm long cable allows the battery packs to be stored in any suitable place, in a pocket, for example. Thanks to the supplied connector for devices with car lighter adapter, battery packs are suitable to power various external devices like GPS navigation, FM modulator, mini TV set and cell phones.

Special Discount Pricing offered when purchased with Pulsar EPS3 Battery Pack (Highly Recommended up to 9 hours run time) - Call for package price 248-969-0377