Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Indoor Bench Rest Results

                                          The Top Three Shooters
1st/Jim Hutchison - 2nd Shawn Henn - 3rd/Rick Broughton
February 21, 2013 Precision Airguns hosted an Indoor Bench Rest.  We always look forward to the great group of guys that show up for a fun filled evening.  Typically local area shooters join in the event.  Shawn Henn usually receives the long haul award coming from the Lansing area which is approximately 80 miles away. This particular Thursday, Shawn was beat out by Phil Eakley who drove in from the Chicago area, a mere 5 1/2 hours each way.  Thank you Phil, we were glad you could join us!

Jim Hutchison accomplished Center Fire Bench Rest Shooter took first place with his AirArms .177 MPR with a score of 750/25X.  A close second was Shawn Henn with a 750/21X shooting his FX Royale 400 .22.  Rick Broughton takes third place with a 750/18X shooting his Steyr .20 Hunter.

I like to experiment and try to shoot something different at each event.  This time I used a stock Daystate Air Wolf MCT .22 with Huggett System.  JSB's out of tin were working very well, until I loaded two in the barrel at the same time and didn't realize it until it was too late.  The shot made a nice hole, but obviousness hit a little lower that I anticipated.  A 248 put me out of the running, but the rifle was still able to shoot 26X's, which shows with the proper jockey, this horse had the ability to win the race.

Phil Eakley finishes with a 748/18X shooting his FX Royale 400 .22cal

Mark Maher and his Daystate Grey Shadow finish with a 747/13X

Adam Denz with his .25cal Marauder takes home a score of 737/12X

Dave Goldstein shooting his Steyr .22cal Hunter, starts with a first great card of 250/7X, went to a 247/5x, however, hand cramps left him unable to finish his third card.

Dave Goldstein
Adam Denz

Phil Eakley
Mark Maher
                            Thank you to everyone who came out that night.  

Shoot Safe - Shoot for Fun - Shoot an Airgun

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