Monday, March 11, 2013

RAW HM1000

The highly anticipated RAW HM1000 has arrived.  In stock and ready to accompany you on your next hunt.  I test fired a .22cal regulated, shooting JSB 18G @ 850fps, which is just under 30fpe.  The trigger is a fully adjustable sporting version with an added safety catch.  The HM1000 features an adjustable butt pad, a stippled hand grip, built in dovetail rail system and duel scalloped receiver for easy left or right hand single loading.  

While testing the rifle, my head cold and blowing rain kept me on the indoor range. Dropping the gun on a single bag, I fired a couple of groups at fifty feet.  My first group was actually the best group, just a ragged hole the same size as the pellet.

A Great Sporting Rifle from RAW, at a respectable price point.

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