Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cold Woods vs Warm Range

 This Sunday morning a couple of airgun buddies, Mark, Rick and myself headed out to try Michigan's mid-winter squirrel hunting. Temperatures in the single digits allowed the squirrels to use more common sense then us, as they stayed in their nice warm homes, while we on the other hand roamed the woods, freezing our tails off and did not see a single squirrel.  Oh well, you never know unless you try.

Back at the Shop on the indoor range, Mark and I set up to do some indoor bench rest. This gave me the opportunity to test the latest batch of JSB 18G pellets that just arrived.  Using a Daystate Air Wolf with Huggett system installed, Burris 4.5-14, I shot a perfect 250 13X, well almost...  My shooting buddy Mark needed air for his 40FPE Huntsman XL .22cal, so on shot 18, called a Cold Line while Mark was filling his rifle.
Daystate Air Wolf MCT .22
It was at this point that my attention was drawn to the tv which was airing the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader tryouts.  By the time Mark came back to his bench and the shooting commenced, the visual distraction had caused me to forgot I was using one dot down on the Burris reticle as an aim point   Using the center of the reticle shot number 18 of course hit low.  Firing a second shot and using the proper aim point  I was back on target.  Proving, it was my lack of concentration and not the  Daystate/JSB combination that caused the miss. "Dang those Cheerleaders".   In relaying this story to my wife Nancy, she showed no compassion for the situation and simply said "Good for ya"

Honesty, based on how this rifle/pellet combination performed, I think I'll try using this at our next indoor bench rest.  We will keep you posted on the date of the next event.

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