Sunday, February 3, 2013

January - Indoor Bench Rest

Precision Airguns hosted their first Indoor Bench Rest Event of 2013 on Thursday, January 31st.  Michigan's cold and snowy weather bought in eight dedicated airgun enthusiasts.  These are non sanctioned events with benches set at 50 feet giving individual shooters a chance to proof out various rifle, scope, pellet and rest combinations.  Thank you to everyone that came out.

With all the Great Choices in High End Air Rifles these days, I try to shoot a different rifle at every bench rest event we host. Steyr, FX, Theoben, an older ZM2002 Anschutz have all proved themselves to be Bench Rest Match Winners in previous events.  This month I chose a RAW TM1000 12fpe .177 laminate stock. What a wonderful rifle to shoot, stable, quiet, accurate.  Topped with a Leupold 6.5x20 EFR and using 7.9 JSB's  I was able to shoot a 750 35X.  

First time Bench Rest competition
for Adam Denz & Shawn Henn

Jim Hutchinson - Air Arms MPT
 The guys are smiling as they placed in the Top Four of the nights event.
1st Place - Jim Stanis/RAW TM1000 .177 12fpe
2nd Place Rick McKean/Steyr LG110 .177cal
3rd Place - Rick Broughton/Steyr Hunter .20cal
4th Place - Jim Hutchinson/Air Arms MPR .177
To view all the pictures from the nights shoot
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