Saturday, August 6, 2011

Daystate Panther Gets A Hug

Some days I just Love my job.  This week I had the chance to installed the Huggett System on a .22cal Daystate Panther..  I'm Very Impressed, it is very quiet even on High Power. Going to a good customer out of the country, and he requested that I fire a few test shots to ensure everything was up to par.   Nice shot cycle and flat trigger blade, really felt nice on the finger.  It was a pleasure to shoot this gun. 

 Gusty winds were prevalent, so I fired one group at 20 yars, but after such a good group at 20 yards, I decided to try one at 50 yards.  Lost count 11-12 shots majority still under dime. Two power settings: 20 ft/lb and 28 ft/lbs with JSB 18g pellets.  Great Shooting Rifle!

Daystate Panther: $2,646.00
Huggett System** $350.00 with Daystate purchase

$375.00 when installed on your Air Rifle

Must be permanently installed on air rifle at our shop

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