Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HO HO HO What Santa Could Bring For You!

What a Beauty! Daystates Air Ranger - Limited Edition Red Ranger.

  This is by far one of the Nicest Looking  Air Rifles I've ever seen.
The select wood and high gloss finish make this a must have for the person looking for a Show Piece as well as a Shooter. 

.22cal only, 50 ft/lb, PCP 

You may be wondering about it's name. Apparently in some areas of the UK the smaller red squirrels are threatened and there is a group that has formed to help persevere them, hence the induction of the Red Ranger Edition.

Seems ironic to me that here in Michigan we have just the opposite scenario. These critters are notorious for moving in and taking over. A local neighbor had almost $5,000.00 worth of damage done to his Classic Corvette when the small critters invaded his storage shed filling various portions of the car with walnuts and residue, as well as gnawing on  many hard to find and expensive items to replace. Hmmm, perhaps I should talk to him about investing in one of these fine rifles to protect his prize processions. 

Hard Case Included                                                                  Click Here to Purchase

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