Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vortek Kit for HW97 Installed

As part of a recent tune that I was completing on a HW97 .177cal, I had the chance to install one of Vorteks new kits, specifically for the HW97's.
Here are a few pics of the Kit and the process.
Pro Guide Kit for HW97

In the old days, we use to slightly grind the face of the seals to gain more volume. Here you will notice that Vorteks New Seal is approximately 1mm smaller in height, which leads to more volume in the compression tube, which helps to give more power. I have one customer call me, he has a Brand New R9, he exchanged the factory seal for the VAC Seal and gained 1 full foot pound of energy.

This product comes in handy. After all prep work, I spray on metal to metal contact areas, you can still use your favorite greases over the top of it. 

Prep'd and ready for final lubes and assembly.

Vortek Kit has slightly less pre-load than a factory set up. This can still vary depending on which shims and top hats you use. Vortek states that power is adjustable from sub-12ft/lbs and up.  This gun finished out at 13.5ft/lbs and I did not use all of the shims.

The HW97 .177cal  is assembled and ready to test fire.
This is of course one of the rare Green Centennial Versions.
Very Nice Rifle. Here are some Spec's:

Gun was shooting 821. w/8.4 JSB 12.54ft/lbs

Gun is shooting at 13.58ft/lbs
After just a handful of shots to settle in the tune. I did some crony'ing.
8.4 JSB
848.5, 849.0, 847
7.9 JSB
8.79, 880.5, 877.5
In Conclusion: I'd say the gun is shooting some very consistent numbers. Also, cocks and shoots smooth, the twang that was very prevalent with factory set is gone.  Biggest problem with this particular gun now is the spring twang from the under lever ball latch up system. Now that all the Main Spring twang is gone, you can really hear a buzz from the system. I have tried to come up with ideas to help with this including injecting some grease or other dampening compound into the tube to eliminate this noise. But this would envolve drilling a small hole in the cocking latch tube.  Anyone have any ideas?

PLEASE NOTE: This Kit is not yet in full production. Vortek states, they hope to have it available by the end of  September.

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