Monday, August 23, 2010

Daystate's MK4 Platinum LE

Limited to just 100 rifles Daystate is proud to announce the MK4 Platinum LE -  a limited edition version of the company’s Mk4 iS Precharged Air Rifle.

The electronically fired MK4  uses a developed version of the Steve Harper electronic Capacitive Discharge Technology, first used over 10 years ago , but now much refined and using a new digital regulator system provided by the rifles new electronic (MCT) monitoring system and a display screen to keep the shooter informed on the status of the rifle. The MK4 Platinum is backed by numerous other accuracy enhancing features, from an electronically-operated, fully-adjustable two-stage trigger to a target-grade barrel, fitted into a special re-enforced breech block.

Despite all the cutting edge technology within the MK4, the Platinum is also a stunning looker, with its silver finish and handmade stock by one of Britain's most famous stock makers, Gary Cane.  The result is the MK4 Platinum handles and shoots as good as it looks. Ambi Stock allows for left or right hand capability.
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