Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pellet Testing Time

The "Lou Gun"
Tested out some of the new JSB Pellets. In .22cal I usually shoot the 18G out of most mid or high power guns. But tonight I decided to test the 16G, as I had not shot them in some time. Shot one group at 50 yards, and was pleased - Good Quality Pellets. Not Bad group considering I was only using a 9X Weaver Classic Rim Fire Scope on a stock Theoben MKII, shooting low 30 ft/lbs. 

Next I grabbed some new .22cal 18G JSB's. They are as Good as they have ever been! Picture shows the group I shot with them. Actually, one of the BEST Groups I have ever shot. When you can barely drop a pellet through the hole that you just shot 5 through, you have to call it quits. These pellets are truly amazing...

Now I moved on to the  JSB's .177 Heavies, they actually weight out @ 10.4 on my scale and are spec'd as a 4.52 head size. Shot one group with three different guns. One shot down the barrel to warm her up and go. Groups Shown in Right Picture Above.

First Group shot with a freshly gone through ZM 2002 shooting 12ft/lb, hence the left and right spread from the slight breeze that was prevalent at that time.

Second group shot with another AZ Tuned Gun, one which I affectionately call the "Lou Gun" because this gun was formally owned by Lou Ferrigno. Lou is one heck of nice guy and an avid AirGunner. This gun shoots much hotter, closer to 19ft/lb. Actually showed slightly more left/right deviation, maybe I was just Luckier with the wind on the first one.

Third Group shot with a Theoben MFR, in a S Type Stock, with a 24" HW Barrel. Who knows how these things happen, they just do...Build this gun to take to the Good Ole Boys Shoot, but it was too hot, and never enough time to mess with it, so I ended up taking a 12ft/lb P70 instead. In calculating the power of this Customized Theoben the 10.4 pellet weight @ 1000 fps, it puts it at 23ft/lbs and gun is still a real tack driver, and capable of one hole 5 shot groups @ 50 yards when I'm able to do my part. Picture above left shows additional groups shot with this gun one evening.  All of them pretty good groups, dime size or smaller.

Groups are shot at 50 yards, 5 shots, aspirin used for size reference. Looking forward to some more nice cool and hopefully calm end of summer days to continue paper punching and preping for squirrel season.
ZM 2002

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