Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January Squirrel Hunt

Dave and his Big Bad Daystate Air Wolf  shows me how he made  his 65 yard squirrel head shot. We couldn't believe the weather- January 8th in Michigan. 38*, Sunny and light wind.  He actually missed his first shot.  Dave carries a range finder, so he knew the exact range.  He did however, fail to give any allowance for the cross wind.  The squirrel who had it's head sticking out of a hole in the tree, pulled back into the tree, but shortly after, stuck his head out of the tree once again.  This time Dave held for the wind, perfect hit right behind the ear.  Popped the squirrel right out of the hole.

Slim Jim borrows Dave's Air Wolf for a shot
I was close behind with a 62 yard one shot using my FX Royale 400 .22cal, and at that range I actually saw the squirrel roll off the limb a fraction of a second later I heard the loud audible "whoap" of a well placed head shot.  I also used my Rapid MKII .25cal set up at 35 ft/lbs with JSB's.  made a 54 yard head shot on a Big Grey, Amazing, hit right where I was aiming, right behind the eye, fell just like a field target at a competition.  Just rolled out of the tree, he never knew what hit him. Most shots were taken between 40 - 55 yards.  These are awesome squirrel woods, first time we hunted them.  Sure pays to know your aim points at longer ranges.

Early January and we Limited out

Squirrel Hunting with an Air Rifle
doesn't get any better than this!  
Sure beats shoveling snow in January


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