Friday, January 6, 2012

January 5, 2012 Indoor Bench Rest

Thursday January 5, 2012 Precision Airguns held their first indoor Bench Rest Competition of the year.  A great group of people attended, and it was wonderful to see how well they shot using a variety of rifles and pistols.  We also had two youth shooters, which is always great to see our sport continue to the next generation.  Emphasis was on fun shooting at 50 feet, with a variety of air rifles. Yours truly only had time to shoot his first card. (using my squirrel rig, FX Royale 400 and  3-9 Leupold)  Shot a 250/11X.

Since this Bench Rest was just for fun, many of the participate played with more than one model of gun when shooting their three targets.  Here are just some of rifles that were used.

Perfect Score would be 750
Here is how are
Rick McKean       748/19X        Steyr .177
Mike Freeman      745/19X        CZ200 .177
Rick Broughton    744/10X       Steyr Hunter ,22
Jim Hutchenson    744/9X         Air Arms S500 .177
Dave Goldstein     739/4X         Daystate Huntsman .22
Steve Keigley        735/3X         FX Royale 500 .25
Mike S Freeman    729/10X       CZ200 .177 & FX Royale 400 .22
Jerry Knapp          725/9X         Daystate/Steyr  .177 & .22
Lauren Goldstein   671/6X        FX Whisper .22 & Daystate Hunstman .22
Jacob Goldstein     603/2X        Marauder Pistol
Jim Stanis              250/11X      FX Royale 400 .22 (DNF)
Gary Humphry       246/2X        FX Royale 500 (DNF)

To view all the pictures from the nights event.  Click Here

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