Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Shooting with JSB's

We hope you enjoyed your Holidays.  With unusually nice weather here in Michigan, fairly clam with a light mist of rain and very light winds.  I wanted to fire a couple of groups to test out the new shipment of JSB 18 grains .22cal.  
Royale 400 on the Left, Theoben Rapid on Right
5 Shot Groups
First group shot with my tried and true Royale 400 with smooth twist barrel.
Second group with my out of the box Theoben MKII.

Shot only one group with each rifle, @ 50 yards,  with 9x Leupold and Weaver Scopes.

Both groups basically dime size or better.

Here is a group I shot with the FX Gladiator with 12x Busy Trophy XLT

Now time my Daystate Air Wolf
Rifle was left on high power, unbeknownst to me after demonstrating to a customer, found out it shoots good at high power also. I believe this was 6 shots.  

 So I decided to push it out to 60 yards
The rain got a little heavier, and the winds picked up.
Still very happy with the groups
High Power and Low Power Air Wolf Groups

Theoben Rapid MKII
Shooting @ 30 ft/lb with JSB 18g9x Scope
Thrilled that the snow wasn't blowing in December, It was nice to get outside and let the airguns stretch their legs a little bit.  60 yards 10 shot dime size groups, shows the JSB's are still the Hot Ticket! 

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