Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sept Squirrel Hunt

Michigan's Squirrel Season officially opened on September 15, 2012.  Couldn't make it out on Saturday, but bright and early Sunday, September 16th I was in the woods.  My favorite time of year, the weather was perfect and so were my hunting partners, Dave Lovio and Rick McKean.  

The morning hunt we were in some nice thick woods, so I used my Camo Theoben Rapid MFR .22cal.  Unfortunately,  these woods did not appear to hold many squirrels, did not see a single one.  In the afternoon, I moved to another patch of woods, that I'm more familiar with, that has many hardwoods and nut trees.  What a difference location makes, found a couple of nut trees on one ridge that had four squirrels running about.  Having my  FX Royale 400 with me now, I was able to snipe three of the four, before the last one realized he had better run for cover. Within a few hours I had limited out. The small red squirrels did not offer any meat, but the land owner wanted them thinned out, as they are a real nuisance on his property.  
Team Daystate - Dave Lovio & Rick McKean
Team Daystate -  Used their tactical Air Wolfs to help contribute with the overall daily tally.  A good time was had by all and looking forward a long fall season and many more airgun outings.

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