Sunday, June 3, 2012

With Wind and Bench Rest the Wind Always WINS

Saturday June 2nd brought in the wind and Steve Joseph.  Steve currently lives in Ohio and is a long haul trucker. He is also an avid airgunner and friend.  We were glad to see him in town for the weekend, and we knew there was going to be some airgunning no matter what the weather conditions happen to be.  

There was a great selection of air rifles.  Daystate, FX, Steyr and Theoben all had their chance at bucking the wind and attempting to hit the 10 ring.   

Rickey B. another local airgun  buddy was also able to join us. Typically when the three of us are together, we shoot 50 yards, tightest group for bragging rights, however in these high wind conditions, we all agreed it was pointless to try.  So instead, we set up bench rest at 25 yards.

Rickey B highest score 244 3X was achieved with his newest acquisition the Daystate's Grey Shadow with JSB 18G.  Shooting at high power just under 40 ft/lb  the extra muscle seemed to really help in the brisk wind.  His Steyr Huner .20cal obtained a similar 244 2X.

Steve's FX Royale 400 performed best for him with 243 6X.  Steve played with some of his other rifles including his Theoben Rapid .20cal and his Theoben MKI 12 ft/lb .20cal   Steve's personal favorite that day was his Royale 400.

My highest score was shot with a Daystate Air Wolf also on high power 246 7X shooting JSB 18G.  Amazingly enough my little 12 ft/lb Steyr Hunter shot a similar 246 4X.  Having a larger scope 6.5 - 20 other than 3-9's that I shot on the other rifles that day, plus really focusing on doping the wind allowed for a very respectable card considering a lower powered rifle and high powered winds.

Looking forward to our next get together and much less wind.

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