Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Time In The Shop

Who is the odd man out in this picture?  First time for us to get a Daystate Wolf in with a 400cc bottle.
Daystate's Air Wolfs have always balanced well with a 500cc bottle, but I've always wondered what  a Daystate Air Wolf would feel like with a 400cc instead of a 500cc bottle. Depending on stock density, which varies, the guns with the 400cc bottle are approximately 6 - 10 oz. lighter than their counter part with the 500cc bottles. Did not take guns out of stocks and no not have action only weight differences.  Was actually amazed to see such a difference in the stock density variation.  Having less weight extended out past your hand grip area, the guns do feel noticeably lighter.

These are 12 ft/lb guns and can't see ever having enough time to make a dedicated shot string, but I have heard 400- 500 rounds is achievable on a single fill.  Rifle at high power shoots @ 800 with 7.9 JSB, power level 2 (low power) shoots @ 780 with 7.9 JSB.  Looks like Daystate is looking to maintain just under 12 ft/lb and accommodate various pellet weight.  Factory shroud at 12 ft/lb is very effective in minimizing the rifles report.  Very Limited Availability - $1,869.00 

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