Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tactical Air Wolf's x Two

Set up a couple of Wolf's this week. Amazing how identical these guns can be.  Both guns were .22cal Tactical, the only real difference in these guns were that one had a left hand bolt.  They shot at 29.6 ft/lb with 18g JSB and right at 38 ft/lb with H&N Barracuda's.  Fired 30-40 shots with each gun to get it on paper and make sure they were grouping, no clipping issues ect.  I've heard of customers getting over 200 shots on the lower power setting and 100+ shots on the higher power setting.  

Both customers upgraded to Huggett Shroud System. The Huggett Shroud Systems makes the rifle very quite, and even more enjoyable to shoot.  It adds less than an inch in length and the smaller diameter under scope creates no clearance issues that larger shrouds can sometimes cause.   Huggett Shroud System is available for Daystate Rangers, Daystate MK4's and Daystate Huntsman. Huggett Shroud System is an optional $350.00 when purchased on rifle and $375.00 when purchased as an after market item.

Even with the gusty wind conditions both were doing a dime @ 50 yards

Daystate is really on a roll these days!

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