Monday, July 11, 2011

800 Shots and Counting

Spent some time with my new Daystate 12 lb/ft Air Wolf. As you  know I'm a big advocate of owing and shooting 12 ft/lb guns. I have always looked forward to getting my hands on an AirWolf in the 12 ft/lb version.  Overall length is the same as FAC version, but with the 400cc bottle it is of course a little bit lighter. Michigan was warm and windy for the most part, encountered some calm weather after a storm blew through. 

Calm after the Storm - Time to shoot some Groups
Proceeded to throw lead down range, trying to get that elusive one holer.  20- 30 years ago the only reason I would shoot paper was to get the gun zero'd to take it out hunting or plinking, now I'm totally addicted to paper punching. Before I know it, 300+ shots have been added to the shot counter on the rifle. It's a one on one challenge with a basic bench and single front bag, it's my skills against the elements.

Wind is the biggest challenge. Note the flags, one blowing to the west, and two heading east.  How do you dop for this? Most guys will put most emphasis on the closest flag, as this changes the flight of the pellet sooner.  Either way, wind is wind.

This gun brought back memories of the early days of plinking for fun. I found myself shooting at ants and bugs as they walk up the 33 yard back stop board, plinking at pine cones and popping the tops off of weeds...

Four sessions later with this rifle, and 800 pellets have already found there way down the barrel. 

50 yards 7.9 JSB - Typical for me 4 out 5 shots good

50 Yards 7.9 JSB - Another typical for me 4 out of 5 to where I want them
10 Shot Group @ 50 yards

Windy Day - 8.4g JSB 33 Yards Low Power 10.5 ft/lb

50 Yards  Dang it! I need a slightly bigger dime
10 Shots 8.4 JSB

Very Happy with the groups this 12 ft/lb sporter rifle is shooting.

Daystate Air wolf 12 ft/lb - Very Limited Quantities: Special Price $1,895.00

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