Friday, October 10, 2014

Daystate "Hi Lite" Air Wolf

Daystates innovative use of lighter weight carbon fiber bottles has been extremely beneficial for those looking for a lighter weight option in their favorite air rifle.  Although the Wolverine B's Hi Lite option features this bottle, other models Daystate models like the Air Wolf, currently do not, We were curious what my Air Wolf would feel like with the lighter weight 480cc bottle.  After performing the bottle swap, local avid airgunner -Mark Maher handled both guns and commented that taking a full pound off the weight of the rifle was a noticeable difference.

Notice how much happier Mark looks, without the stress of the added pound. The gun actually appears to be floating upward, no trick photography here :)

I have a squirrel outing scheduled for this weekend.  This will be one of the rifles I will be taking.  I'm anxious to see how the gun performs with the new style bottle.

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