Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Daystate Wolverine C and Daystate Hi Lite

 New Daystate Models arrived at the shop this week
Daystate, building on the success of the new Wolverine mono-block breech system has developed the new C model. Daystate replaced the bottle with a 300cc air cylinder and added a tactical sleeve made from PA66 ballistic polymer. This tactical sleeve incorporates a Picatinny rail for bipod and accessory mounting. The C model shares the same Lothar-Walther match grade barrel, Turkish walnut Italian stock and adjustable trigger as its Wolverine stable mates. The ten shot magazine and bolt action cocking and loading are over-built for smooth function and prevent double loading. The new Wolverine C is a great addition to any shooters battery of high end, precision pcp air riflesSpecifications:
Overall Length: 44.75 inches
Barrel Length: 17 inches
Calibers Available: .177 or .22cal
Magazine Capacity: 10 Shot
Air Capacity: 300cc
Shots Per Fill: 35
Weight: 7.85lbs
Safety: Bolt-open Mechanical
Action Finish: Satin
Brain Miller from Illinois drove up to pay us a visit and was able

 to check out the new Daystate Wolverine C Model.

Mark Maher displays Daystates New Wolverine B HiLite

Wolverine B HiLIte:
Weight: 7lbs 44oz.
Length: 44.75 inches
Carbon Fiber Bottle

 Mark takes a break from using his Daystate .25cal Air Wolf Extreme and gives the FX Royale 400 Bench Rest Model a shot.
 Great Rifles - Nice Weather - Great Shooting

Daystate has long been a leader in top end, precharge air rifles. Over engineered for long service life and customer satisfaction is a tradition that the masters at Daystate will not deviate from. Without sacrificing quality or elegance Daystate presents the new Wolverine 303 Hi Lite. This new high power, long range air rifle gives maximum performance with the new Carbon Fiber bottle air supply reservoir. We have tested this rifle at 103 ft/lbs with 17 very accurate and consistent shots per fill and 3 more in reserve if needed. The Carbon Fiber bottles helps in weight as well. The Hi Lite tips the scale at a mere 7.5 lbs, which includes a Huggett sound suppressor as standard and makes the 303 a whisper on report. The Italian made stock is gracefully contoured to accentuate the lines of the air bottle as well as provide a very comfortable and stable hold when shouldered. The high grade walnut is stippled in key areas for grip and aesthetics. The Minnelli made stock has been crafted for both right and left hand shooters with a thumb up or through position that gives the shooter the best chance for proper trigger control. The trigger is a two stage adjustable match quality unit that will please the most discerning shooter. The Daystate Wolverine 303 Hi Lite sports all the sophistication of the original 303 with the added benefit of more high power shots per fill and much less weight to carry in the field. Sometimes less is more.
Overall Length: 50 inches
Barrel Length: 23 inches
Calibers Available: .303
Magazine Capacity: 5 shot
Air Capacity: 480cc
Shots Per Fill: 17-20
Weight: 7.5lbs
Safety: Bolt open, mechanical
Action Finish: Satin
Scope and Rings Not Included

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