Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First FT Event of the 2012 Season @ WWCCA

Getting ready for the first Field Target Event of the season to be held at WWCCA in Plymouth, Michigan.  In test firing my Steyr, I confirmed that the AZ tuned rifle was still dialed in from last season.

Shooting 1" dots at 50 yards I encountered a blur in the scope as a large moth landed on the target.  First shot left a gratifying splat on the target.  No better confidence boost then hitting a bug at fifty yards.   

For those of you who not familiar with WWCCA, (Western Wayne County Conservation Association) they feature Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol ranges.  The highlight for me is the fact that they offer a 55 yard covered site-in airgun range as well as a groomed airgun field target course. All this is possible with the efforts of Tim and Karen Engelhardt as they are in charge of the airgun portion of the club. The range is open to members, however non-members can come in and enjoy the monthly FT and Fun Shoot events.  May 20, 2012 was the first field target event of the 2012 Season.
WWCCA Practice Range

The first lane of the course was a kneeling position.  OMG, I hate kneeling lanes.  Who's idea was this? lol  The only good thing about missing 5 out of the 6 on the kneeling lane was that it proved to me that I had better spend some time on perfecting this position.   I performed better on the off hand lanes hitting 4 of the 6 and cleared all of the sitting positions.  I now have some time to practice for the June 10th 60 match.  Also, anyone interested, please take note of the Great Lakes 100 on July 13 - 15, 2012.  Hope to see you there.  For more information regarding these future events, visit:  

For more pictures of the day's event visit Precision Airguns Photo Gallery.

A Thank You to Tim & Karen Engelhardt for his WWCA Match Report
 WWCCA May 20, 2012 Field Target Match Report
WWCCA held our first Field target match of 2012 on Sunday May 20th and the weather couldn’t have been better. Bright sunshine and the mid eighties ruled the day. Eleven shooters joined us on the Air gun walk through range, and a new member Robert Wozniak and his daughter Dana enjoyed our clubs air rifles on the practice range.
Joe Engelhardt, Dick Saunders and I set up for the event on Saturday as is our usual practice and with all the equipment issues the preparation took five hours to complete. Dick is quite the artist and all the participants were impressed with the paint jobs on the field targets. The natural colors and contrast of the paint schemes really helped to range the targets especially on the dark lanes. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work in preparing the course.
The course was set up with ten lanes, three targets per lane with two shots per target for our sixty shot event. The Troyer rating for the event was 36.7, a lot harder than I planned for the first match of the season but enjoyable none the less.
Scores @ 60 Shots
Jim Stanis
Steyr LG 110
.177 JSB H
Eric Sanders
Steyr LG 100
Nikko Sterling 10-50 X 60
.177 CPH
Rick Broughton
Steyr LG 110
Nikko Sterling
.177 JSB
Andy Wong
Hammerli 850 HPA
Nikko Sterling 6-24 x 56
.177 CPL
Dick Saunders
Air Arms EV-2
.177 JSB L
Fritz Sanders
TX-200 HC
Swift 8-32 x 50
.177 CPL
Rick Stewart
Swift 8-32 X 50
Karen Engelhardt
Nikko Sterling
.177 CPL
David Dowling
Air Arms S400 ERB
Center point 3-12
.22 JSB
Gerald Smith
Beeman R-9
Burris 4-12
.177 H&N FTT
Charlie Smith-Firman
Beeman R-9
Burris 4-12
.177 H&N FTT

The match started later than planned as Eric Sanders had the fill seal blow out just as we were ready for the safety meeting. With the help of Rick Broughton and Jim Stanis they were able to repair Eric’s rifle so he could compete with us. Dick Saunders also posted a fine score for a first timer at the field target game. We had three groups of three shooters and a group of two shooters with the odd amount of participants.
After the completion of the match the majority of the participants helped to clean up the range and store our equipment in the shed. We then enjoyed a lunch in the club house. The next match is scheduled for June 10th and the Great Lakes 100 is scheduled on July 13th, 14th, and 15th is year. We plan on moving it back to August next year but the World FT championships are in August this year so we felt it would be best to change the date for this year. Hope to see you again in June, until then have a Blessed day.

Tim Engelhardt 

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