Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our First Day At The Shot Show

Our first day at the Show was a busy one with many familiar exhibitors.  Met with Theoben USA, and received all the details of the New Rapid XP MK2 Pro. The very latest incarnation of the Original Rapid range but with numerous updates and improved features. The new stock inspired by the original XP design now has a minimum Grade Three Walnut Stock as a standard feature, New Quick Fill & Gauge design, Newly designed bolt and select Super Honed Walther Barrels. More Details  & Pictures to Follow.

Daytates new offering of the Tactical Air Wolf with Soft Touch Finish. Airstream is not shown in pic but is included with the rifle. 

The Wolverine Prototype looks to be a promising addition to the Daystate lineup. Unique feature - the breech is milled from a solid single piece of ergal7075. Also magazine is pneumatically cycled by air normally wasted during the shot cycle. More details will follow as rifle nears production.

FX has some exciting new additions.  Royale 500's are Here!  .25cal, 45 ft/lb, 80 Shots, 205 Bar Fill are quoted specs.  Accurate and Quiet. Top rifle: FX Royale 500  Bottom Rifle: FX Royale 400 $1,750.00 Walnut      $1,549.00 Synthetic 

FX Royale 200 features a slimmer air tube for less weight. Shooting at around 28 ft/lbs, gun should provide approx. 40 shots in .22cal  $1,395.00 as shown.

New MK2 Whisper features an improved shroud for extreme quiet.  Quick Fill and Gauge are standard.  $699.00 Synthetic Stock       $999.00 Walnut

To See All Of Our Pictures From The Shot Show Click Here

It was a good day....We'll keep you posted...
Jim & Nancy

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