Saturday, January 29, 2011

FX Royale 500 .25cal Are In The Shop

Wonderful Michigan Saturday with Snow Flurries and Fairly Light Winds....A Great day for testing out the Royale 500 .25cal.  As the pictures show, the guns are are  longer than the Standard Royale 400. Royale 500's measure 47.0" vs Royale 400's 40.5"

      With 27* and 8mph wind, I had to quickly improvised to save some heat in the shooting range, a Plexiglas version is in the works.
The backstop was already frozen at 60 yards so why move it up to 50.  Royale 500 was shooting at 41 ft/lbs with JSB Kings 25G.  As a control I fired a group next to it with my Rapid .22, I know this gun consistently shoots 1/2' or less at 50 yards. On this day and these conditions, Royale shot similar groups.  Also this was before I adjusted the trigger on the Royale. Per Customers Requests I gave a couple of turns in on the hammer spring brought the Royale up to 48 ft/lb with JSB and well over 51ft/lb with Kodiaks. 

Size comparison of Royales
Royale 500 Walnut $1,750.00
Royale 500 Synthetic $1,549.00

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  1. Very interested in the noise level of that gun. Thanks Jim.