Friday, February 13, 2015

First Bench Rest of 2015

 Michigan's COLD February temperatures didn't stop the guys from attending Precision Airguns first indoor bench rest event of 2015 on February 12th.  Shooting indoors at 56 feet. The event brought varies guns to the range.  A good time was had by all. If your wondering or noticed the antique Benji that Dave L is holding, no that is not the gun he actually shot.
Mark show Dave his latest acquisition the MTC Viper Connect 

Jim Stanis - RAW BM

Jim Hutchison - RAW TM

Mark Maher - Steyr LG110 FT

Victor Valentino - Daystate Regal

Name First Card Second Card Third Card Total
Jim Stanis 250  16X 250  16X 250  10x 750  42x
Ryan Parks 250  12X 250  13X 250  15x 750  40x 
Dave Lovio 250  11X 250  10x 250  9x 750  30x
Jim Hutchison 250  9X 250  5X 250  10x 750  24x
Mark Maher 250  7X 250  11X 250  3x 750  21x
Rod Parks 249  7X 250  7x 248  2x 747  16x
Ray Hatfield 248  8X 248  2X 249  6x 745  16x
Dave Gray 247  3X 244  3X 247  1x 738  7x
Victor Valentino 246  4X 244  3x 246  4x 736  11x

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  1. Jim,

    I apologize if this question repeats itself. Saw the nice AZ-tuned Steyrs on your website.

    Could you explain some of work involved in a AZ-tune? ... for example, in this review of his AZ-tuned Steyr:

    A. Shorten the barrel ... Why:
    B. Index the barrel ... Why:
    C. Steel-bedded the barrel ... Why:
    D. Free-floated the barrel ... Why:
    E. Compensate for Temperature Change at the Point of Impact ... Why: F. Custom shroud for the muzzle ... Why:
    G. Free-floated the chassis ... Why: