Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kahles K 10-50x56 – THE PERFECTIONIST with DD Reticle

We are excited to be offering very soon
 Kahles K 10-50x56 – THE PERFECTIONIST
 with DD Reticle Scope.
Top mounted parallax allows for an easy loading from left to right
Scope can also be rotated 90 degrees to set parallax on left side
Both wind-age and elevation turrets have color coded pop up indicator
Never end up one revolution off -This feature is worth the price of admission
Makes it extremely easy to see which revolution when setting for different ranges


Since 1898 Kahles has continuously been setting milestones in optical performance. This pioneering spirit over generations has for more than a century been blazing new trails in scope design, durability and performance.
Today, closer to the edge of physics than ever before, KAHLES is still keeping with its old-established principles: To create optical instruments of highest quality standards for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Innovative and sophisticated yet user friendly and extremely durable. With a clean ergonomic design and craft perfection that is standing out in our modern world of mass production


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