Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dryden Hunting Trip

My buddy Cake Dave and I frequent hunting trips together but this particular day we found a nice little hickory stand.

As we trekked through a wooded area of Dryden, I discovered some great squirrel activity in the hickory stand we were hunting in this fall season. I was in the zone and feeling particularly on my A-game, having already dropped two grey's out from a tree approximately 27 yards away. When a red squirrel got spooked from all the action and ran away, Dave chased after it. Of course, lucky for me, this turn of events only presented a third grey who rummaged on the ground up from a hill about 50 yards away. 

I had no trees to lean on and figuring it was far for an off hand shot, shouldered the rifle. That squirrel made a fatal mistake when he climbed a tree nearby and perched himself on a small nub, displaying that classic squirrel profile we all know and love. 

Setting the parallax at what I believe to be 50 yards and raising the rifle, steadied out the cross hairs on the top edge of his head and thought to myself, "I think I can make this shot." 

I touched the trigger, instantly heard a whack as the squirrel rolled out of my scope view and hit the leaf covered ground. 

Based on that noise and the fact that I saw zero movement on the ground, I knew it was a good, clean kill. While you can't really see in this picture, the JSB 18G pellet smacked perfectly in the center of his head, right behind his eye. Doesn't get much better than that my friends. 

Cake Dave eventually and empty-handedly returned back from his squirrel chase and we made the walk back with a few new and knocked out little friends. Better luck next time Cake Dave and better luck next time grey squirrels. 

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