Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Postal Shoot

Monday - May 27, 2013 Memorial Day and what a better way to spend it, then by participating in a Postal Bench Rest Shoot.  Shawn Henn a local shooter headed up the event.  Precision Airguns provided the range. And a good time was had by all!
Our team name is the Postal Warriors.  

For those not familar with Postal Bench Rest, here is a brief summary: 
Benchrest International Postal Matches (BIPM).
The BIPM is not an organisation or federation, nor is it aligned with any shooting  body. It is run by shooters, for shooters who are interested in the sport of air and rimfire benchrest.
They arrange several international postal matches over the course of a year, these are either 25yd/m or 50yd/m for both air rifle and rimfire. The matches ultimately leading to an overall ranking table.
The rules are kept to a minimum and all that wish to compete, showing honesty & integrity,  may do so. Entrance to the competitions are free and medals will be provided for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in both air and rimfire (medal sponsors are the UKBR22 and BRItalia)
For more information onf Postal Bench Rest - Here is the link to the postal site.

 Of the 33 shooters that participated around the world here is how our shooters ranked:
Shooter Ranking Rifle Caliber Joules Score X's
Jim Stanis 8th TM1000 0.177 16 734 22
Jim Hutchinson 11th Air Arms MPR 0.177 16 730 16
Adam Denz 16th Marauder 0.177 16 720 14
Mark Mahar 24th Steyr LG-110 0.177 16 713 16
Rick Broughton 25th Steyr LG-110 0.20 16 711 8
Shawn Henn 27th TM1000 0.177 16 707 17
I shot the high score of the group, so lucky me, I get to proudly displace the High Shooter's Special Award!  Sadly, this helmet will get passed on to the high shooter of the next event.  Kind of like the Stanley Cup, only it's not made of brass with a wood base and quality finish, but it does have some plastic bone and a little fuzzy ring on one of the antlers.  Pretty Cool - So there ya go!
via email Shawn states:
Congrats again to Jim for being the first to wear the Postal Warrior helmet!!! Much like Ralphie’s dad said about the Leg Lamp “It’s indescribably beautiful”  

Lots of information is also posted on Benchrest Central this is how Shawn originally found out about these matches.

Shoot Safe, Shoot for Fun, Shoot an Airgun

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